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  • Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.
Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.

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  by Ken W2KB
kitsune wrote:
Ken W2KB wrote:
kitsune wrote:Yes and no. The railroad will be licensed for a specifc number of portable units. If the new one makes the total exceed that number, the railraod would have to apply for a modified license. Also, an employer might frown on use of non-company owned equipment.
What is common practice, and what is not "frowned upon" are two different things.
True. But if they take a look at the individual fines of 10's of thousands (or more) of dollars the FCC issues for rules violations each month, railroad management might reconsider its stance.

  by EnginrMike
Seems that a lot of mis-information can be bad for everyone. --- First -- it is illegal to transmit -- without a license or written permission from the "Licensee". In this case, the Railroad(s). I am sure that IF -- the railroad wanted you to be able to TALK to them -- that they would have provided you and the company you work for -- as a security guard, with a radio that is able to transmit. --- This said -- it's up to you. However there are no "Un-licensed" radio channels in the 156 Mhz band. That band would be the "marine band". There are FIVE - ( 5 ) MURS radio channels for 2 watt -- NON-licensed operations. 151.82, 151.88, 151.94 154.57 and 154.60. However -- the FCC has CHANGED some of the rules. The 97 AAR - "railroad" frequencies are now SHARED as business radio channels. It is possible to apply for your own "business" radio license -- . However -- you could only apply for an "UN-used" radio frequency, not one that is already licensed. The long and the short of it -- is that IF you have a real need -- than you could get permission or a valid license of your own. If you have no VALID reason to use such channels nor WRITTEN PERMISSION or a Valid FCC License -- forget about it.

  by CarterB
As a licensed Motorola dealer, I apply for FCC licenses daily. I can assure you that unlicensed use for transmission of virtually ANY radio 1 watt or above is illegal.

Cases in point, since 9/11 the FCC has been vigorously enforcing their rules, and has indeed fined heavily and confiscated equipment. Especially watched are 'sensitive' areas such as tunnels, bridges, railroad ROWs, Ports, etc.

So........anyone out there .......scan as you wish........but if you so decide to talk unlicensed or unapproved by the license holder....prepare to take the consequences.