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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by TerryC
What motive power is the Reading & Northern purchasing next.

  by CSX ENG
Why don't you ask the Reading & Northern??

  by metman499
Based on their trends, cheap EMDs that are six axle.

  by TerryC
Thanks metman499. I have usually thought that regionals like to buy cheap 4 axle units.

http://trainiaxindex.cjb.net/ (out of order as of 12/07/04)

  by RDG Mallet
Terry C...

Hmmmm, Cheap 4 axle EMDs...? Forget GEs!!! We have been down that road.

Well, anyhow, we definatly need 4 axle units but they aren't cheap do to high demand because of all the short-lines. But doesn't change the fact we SHOULD have more of them. Those SD40s and 50s reak havoc on the industrial tracks we use them on.

Fortunaly we have 4 SW-8s and the two SW1500s but we should have more than that for all the switching we do. SD50s are the absolute worst when it comes to switching!!! SD40s fair only marginally better. Give me a set of PUPS (SW-8s) anyday for switching purposes!

I would love to see the purchase of some more EX-RDG SW-1500s (becaue the RDG weighted them down for better traction) or some MP-15s or I could really go out on a limb and say some GP38-2s!



  by Reading Company Crusader
Hey Mikey,

Check out this months edition of the Locomotive Locater.

Honest Al's Used Locomotive's has a special on the MP15's. :P


But seriously, thats why the MP15's and the 38's are hard to come by because nobody wants to sell them cheap. Thats what is needed on the locals and the yard jobs.

Give me a couple of pups to switch and I am happy too.

As for the GE's, come on Mike we know you would prefer a GE :P , there was nothing like switching with the 3300's in the rain on a grade with no sand and on the coal covered rail.

It was kinda like taking wax paper to a sliding board and igniting a rocket booster straped to your back and trying to stop at the bottom. OK it wasn't that bad, but I agree no GE's.

Ask Uncle Freddie about the time I went to assist his stalled train in West Cressona yard.


  by charlie6017
I remember reading in "The Railroad Press", Mike Bednar wrote about the GE's "Slippin' In The Rain". That was one of the funniest things I ever read, but I'm sure it was'nt funny at the time. I could read his stories all day long!

  by Reading Company Crusader
Just like the kids toy called the Sit & Spin.

Referring to the amp guage in the GE control stand photo shown in issue #57 of The Railroad Press

" You"ll never see this red section
you"ll just slip and lose traction
with lot's of spark action"

The word "useless" was for the sand switch.