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  by Ocala Mike
Interesting stuff. I guess we could say that the only things "limited" about the Century was its name and the imagination of some of its passengers!

Ocala Mike

  by pennsy
Hi Paul,

I guess that explains why those cars rocked and rolled down the tracks more than usual at those times. I guess that Marilyn M was really good at some additional things that were NOT publicised.

  by 3rdrail
And you thought that the red carpet was just designer inspired !

  by David Benton
As most , if not all the participants in this forum are probably in the higher age group , we can have abit of innuendo i spose .

The only luxury train i have been on was a day excursion form London to Hadrians wall(scottish border area ) and returm .
The train consisted of old m,ark 1 dining cars , so we sat at the dining tables for the entire trip . great food , abit of a splurge for me , i theink it was around 90 pounds for the daytrip .

others i can think of that havent been listed yet .

The Queenslander
The Taj Mahal ?( indidan luxury train is called this i think )
the far east orient express ( singapore - bangkok)
The rocky Mountaineer

  by 3rdrail
The Century will always be premier in RR folklore. No doubt other trains had somewhat of a similiar history, officially or unofficially. But for the time in history during its sixty-five year run, the people that rode it, the company that owned it, its home terminal, the intrigue on many, many levels (In real life, the train was also a living, breathing Alfred Hitchcock movie during war-time, alledgedly unwittingly hosting numerous clandestine meetings between agents, spies, and operatives within its intentionally private, sixty miles per hour cars, and actually played itself in Hitchcock's "North by Northwest".), the service on the train, its elegance, its romance, the employees who staffed it, its furnishings, its art-deco styling, its functionality in peacetime and wartime during crisis, its destinations (and importance thereof) and its escapades as we have seen - nothing will ever touch it. Don't let anybody tell you that Europe had the corner on colorful, luxurious trains. The American, New York Central "20th Century Limited" has them all beat by eons. Thanks to "the sarge" for bringing up a fascinating little known secret from its colorful past. Long live the Century and the U.S.A. !
  by CarterB
My wife is currently visiting family in Hamburg, DE and mentioned there was a recent show on German TV about the Moscow-Beijing luxury train. I believe it is called the Russian Orient Express?

Anyone have any info on that, or other Moscow-Beijing service as to cost/s, service quality, and general overview/experience?