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  by Mem160
How large was the fleet of molasses cars the D&H had. What was the variety of tank cars that they used, and what was the time frame?


- Mark
  by Engineer Spike
I never heard anything about this. The only molasses plant that I know of is on the Albany Port Railroad. This is a joint D&H/NYC operation. It has evolved to D&H/CSX. Maybe the plant was a D&H customer before the Port RR was formed. Central and D&H may have both served customers there until they found it beneficial to make it a joint operation.
  by traingeek8223
I've personally only ever seen photos of three of the Molasses cars and I think they were all different car types. I know the Leatherstocking Chapter/Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley had one on the property at Cooperstown Junction at one point. That is the extent of my knowledge on the subject though.
  by Benjamin Maggi
I have the "D&H Colorguide" book and don't recall ever seeing a picture of a D&H molassas car. They did have pictures of D&H tank cars but I think they were for MOW work. I believe I read somewhere (perhaps in "Bridge Line Freight") that the business was reduced because of reduced reliability during the Guilford era. Whenever I am at the port now I see black tanks cars, which look like other black tank cars.
  by Mem160
There are 2 pictures of the molasses tank cars in the freight guide. That's where I saw them. They were all red some were more like a boxcar red though. Some just had a D&H stencil while others had the shield. I also heard the same about the unreliability of Guilford.
  by traingeek8223
A little more info from a D&H insider/modeler/C&CV volunteer: There were likely only two cars; #51(or 55) which was painted maroon and #57 which was painted red and currently resided in Milford, NY on the Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley.
  by oibu
D&H also had some black tank cars, but whether they were used in molasses service or only company fuel servcie or some other commodity I do not know.
  by Bruce Archer
According to the January 1976 Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER)there were 6 tank cars in revenue service on the D&H. They are:

51- 10,100 gallons (aluminum)
52-54- 8,000 gallons (steel)
55- 31,800 gallons (steel)
56- 6,000 gallons (steel)

So if not all of these were in Molasses service, in what service were they?