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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by nyandw
Here's a fine photo of an out of service M4 Sherman on PRR fishbelly flat:
Photo: 1960 Patchogue Art Huneke

Anyone else aware of these types of moves, photos, when/why
  by Teutobergerwald
Could that have been for that tank museum that used to be out in Mattituck ?
  by krispy
That is unusual, especially being on the Montauk. The only time I heard of armor was some used at Upton prior to its closure. I can't think of any armor units on the Island in the cold war era, or anywhere closer than Dix or Indiantown Gap. What did Art say?
  by kevin.brackney
Sherman tanks, given the large number produced, seem to be everywhere. Half of the unit headquarters, battalion and above, seem to have one parked in front of their buildings at Ft. Hood, TX. National Guard armories and veterans' organizations like to place military hardware on their property. The oldest armory in Ohio, constructed in 1911 and still occupied by the Army National Guard before they vacated recently, has or had a Sherman parked out front. I imagine depending on whatever entity ends up purchasing the structure, may decide to dispose of the tank. Hopefully it goes to a museum and is at least cosmetically restored. A similar scenario probably accounts for the move you saw.

The demand for Shermans was so great during the Second World War that locomotive manufacturers were pressed into service to build them. Early production models were powered with radial aircraft engines. Given that tanks spent alot more time idling their engines than aircraft, the plugs in these engines were prone to frequent fouling and had to be removed, and sand blasted.

I couldn't view the picture. I would have liked to have been able to see it.
  by Doc Emmet Brown
That was not a military move it was being moved to a museum. There were no tank manufacturers on LI. Only troop moves were from Camp Upton in Yaphank and Teddy Roosevelt and His rough riders from Montauk.
I suppose parts were delivered to grumman via train in the past, perhaps even parts for the lunar landers which were built in Bethpage. I saw a Nasa Freight car once as a kid, dont remember if it was on Long Island or not. It was white with the blue Nasa logo.
I know the finished product was shiped by Plane.
  by workextra
What did the LIRR move into and out of Mitchel AFB?
During WWI and WWII the location buzzing with military activity and the old Central road running right there was still active. Maybe no visible shipments such as planes and tanks, but probably munitions and other military equipment shipped in standard box cars.
  by Doc Emmet Brown
I forgot about mitchel field. Of course the RR moved things in and out of there, especially during world war 2. Probably not too many pictures floating around because it was war time and photos were prohibited.
Mitchel field has a rich history, read a bit about it here.

By the way, it might not be a good idea to spend too much time around the cars bringing material out of brookhaven lab, even to this day.
Some interesting warning labels on those cars..

http://www.timesnewsweekly.com/news/201 ... RRIES.html
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  by loekie
The E.W. Bliss Company out of Brooklyn shipped Torpedos, for live testing, on the LIRR to its test factory in Sag Harbor during WWI. The torpedos were then loaded on to ships for testing in the bay.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Of course in Bay Ridge was the Brooklyn Army Terminal, a major hub for troop movements and materiel handling.