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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by David Hutchinson
from what I can tell this is a huge bump..... rumors out there about additional new power to run to Suffern and back... they have definitely increased business from CR days.......
  by SecaucusJunction
I haven't seen any cars for them on H70's recently. So if this is happening, it hasn't started at all yet.
  by chuxter26
At this point they don't have the ability to run to Suffern......
  by David Hutchinson
I know that, but there is an unconfirmed rumor about them taking the freight business from NS.....
  by chuxter26
Let us know if the rumor gets confirmed....
  by SecaucusJunction
They already have all the Campbell Hall freight business...
  by AMK0123
They do have all the freight business out of Campbell Hall and Hudson Secondary (Campbell Hall Cluster). They do operate on a small section of the tier to get onto the secondary. Don't see NS giving up all that traffic up to Campbell hall. Would be nice, and maybe more possible to see MNJ pick up the tier west of there. I believe NS only switches out a lumber company and MNJ's operation in Middletown. Would make sense for MNJ to tie both there operations together.
  by pumpers
I thought I when M&NJ first got some of that traffic from NS that kept a few big customers in the area. Is that still the case (or was it never true)?
  by SecaucusJunction
There aren't really any big customers in that area. I believe they still bring a few cars a week to the other MNJ interchange in Middletown and maybe one other customer out there. The bigger customers are east of Suffern. And when I say bigger, I mean bigger than anything in Middletown.
  by pumpers
OK, so besides delivering cars to MNJ, it sounds like perhaps NS kept a few smaller customers in the Campbell Hall/Middletown area?
  by SecaucusJunction
Any business along the main stayed with NS. Only the branch lines went to East Penn
  by chuxter26
The NS H08 currently serves 2 customers at Red Onion and 2 on the Crawford Industrial plus the M&NJ interchange in Middletown.....
  by B&M 1227
NYS&W has been handling a fair amount of traffic off the M&NJ, the vast majority of it coming from Syracuse/Binghamton. To quote a higher up "I have no idea how we're gonna handle it if their business picks up like they're saying it will."
  by ccutler
Well that's good to hear, both for M&NJ and NYSW. NYSW's NJ traffic looks like its fallen sharply over the last 5 years, hauling less trash and toxic dirt.
  by SecaucusJunction
NYSW interchange with East Penn is probably a handful of cars per week at best, so any traffic would be a significant increase. I think their interchange track is very small.
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