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  by Zanperk
Low sided rotary cars, L.M. Martini Grape Products.

The stains on the cars were white, some sort of aggregate moves??

Anyone know the history of the reporting mark? Did they have a fleet for wine shipment that morphed into a lease fleet or ??
  by John_Perkowski
This is where a quality photograph of the car comes in handy. The lessors plate would tell us much.
  by Zanperk
Yeah - sorry about that, not much of a photographer.

Anyway -

Lessee is Mag Pellet LLC - (I'm assuming a recycled reporting mark).

Here's a Flickr pic. Comments indicate a recovered ore unit move from Minnesota to a pellet production facility in Indiana, and then on to AK mills in Ashland KY and Middleton OH.

I saw it on the BNSF Chicago sub. (One of the few moves there using distributed power).
  by John_Perkowski
I would say the various websites carrying the info on the old mark are out of date.

I would estimate the mark died from disuse, possibly in the ICC days, and the application to STB was the creation of a "new" mark.

Just me, thinking like the public sector manager my grad school taught me to be.