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  • For discussion of Bombardier Rail. Their official web-site is here: Bombardier Transportation
For discussion of Bombardier Rail. Their official web-site is here: Bombardier Transportation

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  by Jeff Smith
In spite of the difficulties in delivering LRV's, this: Reuters
Bombardier wins Ontario order for 125 commuter rail cars

Aug 2 Bombardier Inc has won an order for 125 commuter rail cars from an Ontario regional transportation agency, the company said on Tuesday, even as a separate order from the agency for light-rail vehicles has suffered delays.

The latest order from Metrolinx, the provincial agency in charge of transportation in and around Toronto, is valued at C$428 million ($327.29 million), with final delivery expected during the first quarter of 2020, the Montreal-based manufacturer said in a news release.

The 125 rail cars are options exercised from a 2013 contract for a total of 200 Bombardier bi-level heavy rail cars, a model that has historically been produced "on time," Metrolinx spokeswoman Anne Marie Aikins wrote in an email.

Bombardier last year began delivering the first 75 bi-level vehicles for Toronto's commuter rail system, the country's largest, said Bombardier spokesman Marc-Andre Lefebvre.

"We are delivering on time right now," he said. "Our actions are our word."
  by Backshophoss
They are 2nd or 3rd gen versions of the sausage design,with a better cab car design for collisions,reportly.
  by dowlingm
About 30 or so CEM cabs have been delivered, and some older cabs have already been reworked into coaches I believe. I am hearing the passenger seating in the new cabs is not comfortable.

What everyone here is wondering is what this (acquiring even more bilevels) means for GO's fleet needs when electrification is supposedly close at hand and EMUs supposedly favoured to deliver that. There is only so many bilevels the second hand market will soak up, even accounting for the non-electric needs of GO.
  by Backshophoss
This is a guess,is Metrolinx thinking about ordering Electric Locos (like the ACS-64's) for service in the electric zone?
  by dowlingm
if they are, they aren't saying. My personal opinion is that developments in Montreal (the REM, if it ever goes anywhere) might mean less need for DPs, with Metrolinx acquiring some during network buildout. This kicks decisions down the road a bit.