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  by BM6569
Are they adding the 4th track back in at the 2 bridges mentioned in that newsletter?
  by Jeff Smith
I don't know if they are adding a fourth track anywhere, much less the two bridges. Relevant passage from February newsletter:
In addition to 4 new stations, the project includes 19 miles of track work, 4 new interlockings, 1 reconfigured interlocking, 5 new and 2 upgraded substations, and 4 bridge rehabilitations. The Design-Builder has made steady progress at the first two bridges—the Eastchester Road Bridge near Morris Park and the Bronxdale Avenue Bridge near Parkchester/Van Nest. To minimize disruption to rail service and roadway traffic, the contractor has deployed a strategic span-by-span approach to these bridge rehabilitations. Over the last few months, the team has completed the installation of tiebacks and micropiles at both bridges.
  by Jeff Smith
May newsletter, and relevant passages: PDF
Recent Progress

During the second quarter of 2024, the Penn Station Access team has started site preparation and installation of minipiles for the future Co-op City, Hunts Point, Parkchester/Van Nest, and Morris Park stations. Additionally, the overhead catenary structures at Hunts Point Station, Parkchester/Van Nest Station, and Leggett Interlocking are being replaced to allow for an increased number of trains to run on the tracks. Rehabilitation work on bridges is continuing for the 100+-year-old Eastchester Road Bridge near Morris Park and the Bronxdale Avenue Bridge near Parkchester/Van Nest.

What's Next? Upcoming Work

As summer approaches, rehabilitation work will continue to take center stage at Bronxdale Avenue Bridge. Half of the existing bridge has been removed in preparation for the construction of half of the new bridge structure, which will carry two new tracks. Construction on the Pelham Lane Bridge is underway and partial demolition of the existing bridge will take place later this year. At Bronx River Bridge, work is underway to prepare the existing abutments and pier for the new bridge installation scheduled for later this year. From replacing caissons to installing new columns, work on the catenary structures at the Co-op City substation will move forward in the coming months. At Leggett Interlocking, construction of new tracks and supporting infrastructure will begin, including retaining wall construction and installation of a new drainage system.

Update: New Rochelle Yard Expansion

Metro-North’s New Rochelle Yard, between Renewal Place and Joyce Road (east of New Rochelle Station), currently houses maintenance vehicles, supplies, and equipment. As part of the Penn Station Access Project, the yard is being expanded and reconfigured to include storage for the new train fleet, as well as new facilities for personnel, equipment, and maintenance operations.

Expansion of the yard involves the design and construction of new tracks to support fleet storage capacity. The site will also be upgraded by incorporating new access roads, retaining walls, drainage improvements, and parking for employees. New single-story buildings, used for personnel and maintenance operations, will be constructed. Improvements to the site also include signal and communication system upgrades, site security, and lighting. The design of the yard is currently underway, and construction is scheduled to begin in 2025.
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