• Metro-North/LIRR m1-m6 EMUs: need some detail refs..

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General discussion of computer gaming and railroad simulations. Topics include MS Train Simulator (MSTS), Auran Trainz, Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Dispatcher and more...

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  by slatey
Hi all,

Im new here, and I recently got into this virtual railroading thing, and saw that there arent many MNCR/LIRR EMUs around to download. I decided to have a go at it, considering the New Haven Line is basically what I grew up around.

Im in the process of modeling a MNCR m2-m6 emu. I don't really know the physical differences between the m2s to m6s, so maybe someone could point out some stuff for me.

I've tried searching for pictures on the net for side/frontal views, but about 99% of the pictures are 3/4.. Would anyone have any tech drawings, dimension specs, side/front/top pictures of these railcars? I dont live on the east coast anymore, so I can't snap them myself..

If all goes well, I'll try exporting it to MSTS or Trainz or both. And possibly see about making some LIRR m1s and m3s..

thanks for any help!


Here's a screenshot of what Im working on.. Its all through eyeballing, so I'm sure there are discrepancies everywhere..


  by Lirr168
Looks great!!!! I do not know what kind of diagrams are out there, but there is a LIRR/MNRR M1 out there, it is on my website (see the www below my post). It is not nearly as impressive as yours, but you might be able to use it as a reference for size and whatnot. I also have an incomplete M7 model, all it needs is trucks and a texture. I would be glad to send it your way if you think you can do something; maybe with my cab and texture skills and your modeling ability we can get out some nice LIRR/MNRR packages :-D

Let me know if you want the M7 or any help I can offer with the current models.

[email protected]

  by slatey

The level of poly detail thing is starting to look wishful as a game model.. I have a lot of bevels on this thing, and theres still alot more geometry to be put on, so I'll probably have to optimize to find that magic poly count that wont grind machines to a halt.

Your M1 looks cool! I see it in your avatar. I'll definitely download it from your site and I see you have more LIRR goodies.

I would love to have a collection of everything that runs from New Haven to Montauk! An LIRR/MNRR package would be sweeeet.. hmmmm.. That could be a possibility.

When this m2 is done, perhaps I'll give the M7 a shot.. It would be nice to get onto so when the M8 comes out theres only little work to be done. But.... we all know how life slows these endeavours down. Meanwhile, I'll keep going with the m2s... I appreciate your offer for help, and I'll ask you questions whenever they come up when I start fumbling to get the model into the game.. I may have to ask you for the 'cliff notes' version of the procedure ;)


  by Lirr168

I'll be glad to help however I can; you are obviously much more talented than I am at the modeling, but like I said, I can definitely work on cabs and sounds and all those bells and whistles (no pun intended, hahaha). As you will see when you download my M1, it has a cab and pretty authentic sound, and you are most welcome to those. I have been meaning to revise them though, and with a lot of time on my hands this summer, doing it for your M2 might be the motivation I have needed.

As far as the M7...while it would be nice to have it perfect, I and most of the LIRR train-simmers are not that picky. The body is done, all it needs is trucks, so maybe we could just throw your M2 trucks on there and send it out as a beta version until one of us can get something more authentic worked out.

Best of luck with your work, it looks awesome so far!!


  by gerr
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That looks really good! :-D

  by slatey

Unfortunately work gets in the way.. Wish I could be done sooner! But I at least have been successful in getting the model to work in the game.. Scale is kind of off, but I'll fix it as I finish.. Im just glad I was able to import it! It felt like a shot in the dark, trying to figure it out. Here's a screenie.


  by Carmine
Unbeliveable!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  by jogden
just out of curiosity...when might we see that available for download or beta testing?

  by Lirr168

Looks amazing!!! Wow! If you would like, I can spruce up the textures using the windows and stuff from my M1; that, or you can feel free to use them yourself, it's fine by me. Good luck, keep up the great work!


  by slatey
Carmine - thanks!

I really don't know.. I work on it when I have time, and lately I haven't had any. I suppose I'll release a "v0.1 exterior only" before the full thing. As far as when, probably sometime this summer.

Thanks for letting me use your model as reference. If you don't mind, can I use and modify your engine and cab files for it? Of course I'd honor you the credit..

Out of curiousity, I loaded both our models into Shape viewer.. I was amazed at how close they were. Mine was slightly large, but all in all theyre about 90% equal in proportion! I think the cabs between the m1s and m2s are identical, no?

As far as windows and overall textures go, I'll have a look at your ace files. Im going to see about making some brushed metal textures. I think the MSTS lighting engine needs a little help, so I'll bake soft shadows into the texture for more realism.. Perhaps some weathering too.


  by Lirr168
Hi Adrian,

Yes, the cabs are identical as far as I know, except for the switch for the pantograph. I am not sure where that would be located, try PMing Dutch Railnut, he is a MNRR engineer.

The engine file I borrowed from the MNRR Bomb cars, but I have modified it, so I don't know if that technically makes it my work or not, lol. The cab was all mine, however. You are free to use it, ditto for my textures. If you want, I have the 1980's era (M) logo that is still on a number of the M2s if you would like to use that as well; just let me know and I will email it to you.

Keep up the great work!


p.s. if and when you are ready to release, there is definitely a spot for your work on my website if you want.

  by Traction_King
Hi slatey, I have to say that looks realy good. I wanted to know if you were going to do a Trainz railroad simulator 2004 version, if not may I have permission to do so?, Thank you very much

Michael Espinal

  by Lirr168
Traction_King, please check your PM box.

p.s. sorry for being so formal and business-like in my PM, it wasn't until I just read your profile that I saw we're probably around the same age!

  by Kahm1
I was wondering, is their any updates on the M1 or the M7? Id be happy to do testing.

  by Lirr168
I cannot speak for the new M1/2/3/4/6 fleet, but the M7 I am working on is progressing at a pace I am happy with. My site (click 'WWW' below) has an M1 already done.