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  by SlickFlair859
RearOfSignal wrote: As far as the (S) (R) (M) (L) (60) (80) (N) in the ACS-64, I do not know if that is intended to be the ADU showing the MNR cab signal aspects or something else. However this is part of a new setup Amtrak is having for its cab signals. I do not know if Amtrak is going to use this to supplement their own signals or not. See this picture, it's not just the ACS-64 that has this setup... http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=3689784
In the picture on the ADU, what does VZ mean?

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  by nomis
SLickFlair, welcome to Railroad.net. I did a little pruning to your quote on your posting, just to grab the pertaining portion.

As far as VZ light, it stands for Velocity Zero, and illuminates when the electronics detect that the engine/consist is no longer in motion.
  by Don67
regarding the M8 cab signal display- is there any use associated with the number displays to the immediate right of the RMLN indications?

I think they are 45 60 and 80 or similliar..
  by NaugyRR
They're just numerical speed values used in conjunction with the Normal Cab, Medium Cab, etc. values
  by RearOfSignal
Those numerical aspects are not used on MNR territory. Not 100% sure if they're used when the M8s are on SLE.