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  by John_Perkowski
Link, from Trains Magazine: Metra asks regulators to order CP to provide more merger-related data

Brief, fair use quote:
Metra says it has a duty to independently evaluate CP’s assessment. Metra is asking the STB to force CP to provide track charts; station name and location information; track elevation, curvature, and grade data; speed limits; track schematics covering grade crossings and interchange locations; rail weight, turnout sizes, and switch and signal data; and yard configurations.
In plain English, Metra is going to piss off another host road by going dumpster diving.
  by eolesen
Please. I'm sure Metra already has existing service level agreements and priority over the MD-W during commute hours...

Why they'd be concerned about an additional 8 trains a day on a double-track mainline seems a bit nanny-ish. More than enough time in the overnight hours to accommodate that, and arguably they could run a few during the mid-day hours with zero impact.