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  by goodnightjohnwayne
It would seem likely that these DMUs, built under license from Budd by Mafersa in Brazil, were some of the last RDC-type DMUs built in the early 60s, possibly after the end of RDC production in the United States. Obviously, they are narrow gauge and the body shell is based on that of the Mafersa "800 series" stainless steel cars, which in turn were based on the single prototype Budd Pioneer III coach. I've seen it stated that these "700 series" self propelled cars weren't entirely successful in service, and had been withdrawn, but it seems they are still running today. ... d_idioma=3

Does anyone have any clue as to the mechanical details? Obviously, there are no roof mounted radiators, and judging by the single vestibules, they were intended to run in two car consists, although I've also seen a picture of a single car running alone?

Does anyone know if they used the same Detroit Diesel 6/71 engines as the full sized RDC? I'm looking for any details or drawings available.