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  by joydivision350125
Extra 2200 South reports that Meridian and Bigbee has acquired three GP18s from the Western Kentucky, and a GP9 and a GP10 from the Kentucky and West Tennessee.

Does anyone know any more details about this acquisition? What roads numbers will M&B assign these units? Prior to the acquisition of these units, power consisted of two GP10s, #107 and #109, with a third GP10, #108 believed to be retired with wreck damage.

Any insight or further information would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure where those "new" geeps might be, but here is what we are running now. GP-38's, in the 500 series, original Bay Line power. MB 4999 also a GP-38. We have the GC 1007, an old P.O.S. U-boat, U-30B. Next comes a bunch of Tomahawk GP-10's, in the 1300 series. The balance of what we have, is KCS overhead power, with a mix of leased junk, as well. Lot's of tains, with too few crews to run them. Frequently stalled on the grades, due to insufficient HP, or units that fail online, the current situation is a mad scramble, to keep the flow moving, at a pace that does not consume us all. A 9 car derailment, a few nights back, effectively shut down the east/west traffic, for two days now. We put 9 cars onto their roofs/sides, etc, due to a rolled rail, and the wrecking crew is still out there, with the sidewinders, clearing up the mess. Regards :(