• MEC Caboose #671

  • Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.
Discussion relating to the pre-1983 B&M and MEC railroads. For current operations, please see the Pan Am Railways Forum.

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  by mulfreak
The caboose was in Lowell previous for two days. It is a MEC and looks new with a brake inspection date of 9/13. Good eye. I would of thought it would have headed back north to the Pine Tree state. Maybe its on loan to another railraod?
  by MEC407
Mr. Gary Young of GuilfordRailSightings posted a message today stating that the caboose is currently in Waycross, Georgia, on its way to the St. Mary's Railroad (also in Georgia).

The caboose's number and reporting mark are RPCX 671, by the way.
  by CallahanFLtrainfan59
MEC safety caboose RPCX 671 is currently sitting on the Bacardi Rum siding beside CSX's S-Line in Daiquiri, North Jacksonville, FL. If its heading to GA, CSX will take it north to Yulee and hand it off to the First Coast RR. The FCRD then will take it further north on the S-line to Kingsland GA and pass it to the St. Marys RR. I snapped a pic of it with my cell. I will keep an eye out for it when I go over to St. Marys, GA, next week.
  by mulfreak
Wow I can't believe it is heading to St Mary's My sister lives there. I have pictures of the St. Mary's I have taken along Burrell Blvd. I'm having issues posting them here. Keeps telling me my files are to big. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Funny story about the St. Mary's. I was walking back to my sisters house along Burrell Blvd . There was the 506 pulling about 3 cars. I waved to the engineer and then to the guy hanging on to the last car. Well he waved back and for some reason his other hand lost it's grip on the side ladder he was riding. I see this guy fall onto the rail bed and luckily he does not come down on the track. Not that the ballast or tie he hit were any softer. I'm not sure if the engineer has seen this so I start to waving at this guy but he's passed me,can't hear me, and has no clue to what happened. I run up to the dude that fell of the train and by now he's up and OK. Looking for his radio and not too happy that he waved back to me.
  by mulfreak
Gotta give ya some big time kudos for the MEC 671 there. Thats what I call trainspotting. What were you bunking on her? As I state in my Lowell Activity site I first saw her on a Thursday and then again on Friday at the Lowell Depot. Was very happy to see that she did not aquire a new paint job over night.
  by mulfreak
Merry X-mas to the 671. She's found a good home in St Mary's. Great town great people. If I was a caboose in St.Mary's I'd go see Cindy at Seegels downtown.
  by mulfreak
Is there anyone in St. Mary's that can give us a update? Maybe a picture? I sent a freindly E-Mail to the St. Mary's after one of my visits there and never did receive a reply?
  by mulfreak
I'll see what I can do as I'll be in St. Marys in June for a week. I'll find her one way or the other and get some pics. I sent them a e-mail some time back and didn't receive a reply either. I'm sure I'll have better luck in person.