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  • Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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  by RailVet
Can anyone explain what this is all about? Perhaps a model rail buff's creation for his fantasy railroad?


The organization's reporting marks are reportedly the same ones spray-painted on two ex-Canadian coaches (one BCR, one VIA) on the MMID in Glyndon, MD. Note the text below taken from the website describing MDRail's history.

"The MDRail Corporation is a result of the divestiture of the Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) between the Norfolk Southern Corporation and CSXT, Inc. An obscure stretch of railroad located in the backwoods of southern Maryland was in danger of being abandoned as a result of the Conrail acquisition. Neither Norfolk Southern nor CSXT believed that this line, formerly known as the Pope’s Creek Secondary, would yield any profit; and therefore, neither wanted to the responsibility of maintaining the line. Two coal-fired power-generating facilities and a few small on-line customers were serviced by the railroad, and they realized that their futures would be uncertain if the line was abandoned. Officials at both power plants tried desperately to convince the rail giants that their lively hood and the residents of southern Maryland’s livelihood would be threatened by the lack of inexpensive and reliable rail service to the plants, but to no avail. As a result, the two power authorities, with buy-ins from the smaller rail customers decided that it would be essential to their continued success to sanction the sale and/or purchase of the line to be operated as a dedicated short line. Maryland businessman, railfan and southern Maryland local, D. A. Curtis, heard of the power plant’s idea and immediately jumped at the opportunity to lobby a bid for purchase. Using his own money, along with other financial consideration offered by the power giants and the local municipalities, Mr. Curtis went to the governing committee overseeing the divestiture and made an offer for the line. The details of the bid called for the full purchase of plant and equipment associated with the operation of the 67.8 total miles that made up the rail line. Interchange with either CSX or NS would take place at Benning Yard in Washington, D.C. Trackage rights as established over the NEC would allow the new railroad to pick up carloads at Benning and transport them to the junction at Bowie, MD provided that the locomotives operating on the NEC were equipped with cab signals. In 1998, the bid was accepted and the Southern Maryland Railroad was born. The entire employee base for the new company was assimilated from former Conrail employees who worked the Pope’s Creek line normally, and were already familiar with the region."

  by BaltOhio
Huh?? Your speculation has to be correct -- somebody's elaborate fantasy. But who knows about the future? I understand there's a proposal to bring the coal in by water, which would make the line useless for CSX. That might result in its sale to a short line.

  by steamman5320
Just go to the roster-

Class Model Number Units Modelled
1800 BL18-3 101-105 103
2000 GP38-2 300-314 TBD
2250 GP38-3 335, 340, 350-352 340, 352
2300 GP39-2 390-397 390, 391
3000 GP40-2 400-404 401, 403
3000Pa F40PHI 41, 42 41, 42
3000Pb F59PHI 50-59 TBD
3000C SD40-2 4100-4105 4100, 4101, 4103
3200 C32-8 3200, 3201 3200, 3201
3500 SD50-2 5501-5509 5500, 5501, 5509

Units modeled.... says it all.

  by Aa3rt
I haven't a clue who (what) this is but I can tell you that the station in the center photograph is the La Plata (MD) Train Station Museum. This is the last station left on the Pope's Creek line and dates to the late 1800s.

I'm half tempted to send this link to the local newspaper and see if they're gullible enough to report this as a new railroad here in Southern Maryland. :wink:

  by tech2187
old link.... http://cmrsrwy.tripod.com/id35.htm

from it:
Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2001: Operates 1838 miles of owned/leased track; Owns 456 locomotives (delivered); owns/leases 5472 freight cars; 6.8 million tons of total freight carried; Net profit of $20.3 million earned.

found this old link too: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pfmsig/message/3144

  by tech2187
they could have come up with some more interesting numbers... 20mill in profit....

  by PVRX1
My 250 mile model railroad roster includes:
S2: 12, 14, 16, 18
RS1: 20, 21
RS11: 42, 54, 68
C420: 36, 38
M420: 40
C424: 44,46,48,50,52,56,58,60,62,64,66
C425: 70, 72, 74, 76
SW1500: 150-152
GP9: 1700-1705, 1750-1752
GP40: 3000-3004

But dang it, I never looked at our annual report in the 20 some years I have been CEO. Now I wonder if we turned a profit :>)
  by RailVet
The reporting marks on the two ex-Canadian coaches in Glyndon, MD, may have been appropriated by a model train buff for his layout, but apparently they're for real. Check out this link:


MDRX is now listed as belonging to:

Mr. James Riffin
1941 Greenspring Drive
Timonium, MD 21093
PH 443-414-6218
FAX 410-452-6208

If you're not already familiar with him, just Google his name and you'll discover his many rail acquisition projects in various eastern states, particularly the former Northern Central route south from York, PA. Reportedly he would like to move his two cars to a new location where vandalism isn't such a big problem.

  by gprimr1
He keeps filling petitions to prevent abandonment. In some ways, it might be a good thing he does.