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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
boatsmate wrote:Another Museum everyone is forgetting about is the Old Colony and Fall River RR Museum. They already have an MBTA Budd Car with NH heritage. A F-40 would be a nice addition to there either operating or stuffed. they have done a great job of restoring and maintaining the cars they have. and this would be a great addition.

honestly, completely forgot about them. Kinda forget they are there. But good point. I have video that my father recorded when I was a wee lil lad of F40's and IIRC, the old budd cars in the mix....I need dig out a VCR and get some road numbers...this was way back in 90? 89? really diggin the brain here
  by mdamico23
Hi Folks,

From a cross post on the MBTA "Commuter Rail Delay" discussion forum, MBTA F40 1000 suffered a major mechanical failure in Fitchburg, MA on June 28th. The "Crankcase Button" popped and the unit became completely disabled. Not sure how big a failure it was- sister unit 1007 suffered a similar failure about a month ago and was back on the road after a few weeks. Presumably #1000 is within the confines of the Boston Engine Terminal being evaluated for repair.

  by p42thedowneaster
Quick! Call the local taxidermist!
  by Otto Vondrak
p42thedowneaster wrote:Quick! Call the local taxidermist!
I wish RAILROAD.NET had a "Like" button.

  by MEC407
You should have implemented that while you were the site admin. :wink:
  by CRail
Otto Vondrak wrote:
CN9634 wrote:Otto, let the guy at the least discuss the idea. Who cares if it is feasible or not, it doesn't effect you either way! Just don't say anything if you don't agree.
Don't you hate it when facts get in the way of a good discussion? :-) You're right, I better shut up and keep my facts to myself...

The facts you tout are awfully selective. There's no reason to shut down a discussion because you're not interested in seeing something come to fruition. When I brought up saving an LRV at Seashore, people told me not to waste my time because it would never happen. Never. I've also been involved in numerous other acquisitions from the T and elsewhere. Admittedly, though, never a diesel locomotive.

A locomotive has a lot of differences. They're more expensive to operate and maintain, but for an organization connected to the network (which Seashore isn't), it's much simpler to ship. So, if you think this is a pipe dream that will never come to fruition, then shut up and let some people hold on to their dream. If it comes out that the interest doesn't exist, fine. If it does, however, it makes pulling it off much more feasible.
  by Cosmo
p42thedowneaster wrote:Quick! Call the local taxidermist!
"I bet you 'tought dat F-40 was still alive... and dis Alco.. and this FM Trainmaster... NOPE! Dey're DEAD. Dey been taxdermized by Chuck Testa!"
(sorry, couldn't wesist.) :P
[DISCLAIMER: Chuck Testa does NOT taxdermize steam engines!]
  by mdamico23
Well, the 'Wizards of Boston Engine Terminal' worked their magic yet again, and 'Mr. Commuter Rail', F40 #1000 is back on the road again after experiencing that major road failure in Fitchburg, MA at the end of June. I spotted it this afternoon (7/8/13) holding on an inbound consist heading into North Station. 1637 is the control car with this set if anyone is so inclined to look for it. Like a cat with '1000 lives', it is back up and running. The taxidermy will have to wait.. :)

  by MEC407
"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." -Mark Twain
  by Ham40PH
Well it seems like the MBTA is planning on scrapping there F40's. The F40PH Preservation Society inc. is trying to get some but could use some support.
  by b&m 1566
What happen to trading them into MPI?
  by CRail
Are you basing your presumption that all 18 will be scrapped on the one that was retired years ago being scrapped? If that's the case, then you haven't the familiarity with how these things work to be making such claims.
  by mgdemarco
I assume all the F40PHs are still around as the transition to new power slowly continues?
  by csor2010
mgdemarco wrote:I assume all the F40PHs are still around as the transition to new power slowly continues?
See this thread in the MBTA forum for details, but all of the original MBTA F40s have been removed from service and stored at either Rochester or Billerica, MA, with the exception of 1004 & 1014 which are still hanging out at BET. There are some leased F40s with Amtrak lineage roaming the system at the moment, but with more HSPs coming on line I wouldn't expect them to last much longer.