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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by Porter Sq
I rode in car 1501 on Thursday on the 10:07 into Boston from Lowell. The majority of the car had seats as the same color as the 200's .There were a few seats still had the blue covers. The panneling also looked a different color. Does anybody know if they are going to do renovatons on other MBB cars too?

  by CSX Conductor
A few of them have been like that for a year or two. :wink:

  by ST214
Are you sure they were the same seats as the 200's?? Because there are a few that have had the same seats as the 300/600/1600's (Red and Blue)for a few years now. However, if they have the purple seats(like the 200's), this is the first i have heard of it.

  by SnoozerZ49
there are 500 series coaches that have been "redone". The seat covers on the original seats are the same color as that used in the 200 seris cars. There are also some 500 series cars with the original seating replaced with the conventional 2-3 seating of the 300 series cars.

In any case they still smell stinky and will smell stinkier before the Summer is over. The "blue" river running down the aisle from the "toilet" is a nice touch as well.

  by lstrong
I know on either 1503 or 1513 the seats are purplish-red colored like the 200's seats. They are not the same seats as the 200s though, they are the same 2x2 adjustable seats as the rest of the MBBs with new covers. Also, the orange walls at the ends of the car are now white or light-pink. I think I remember reading somewhere that a few of the 1500s were redone this way for the "new" Old Colony lines back in 1997. Most of the 1500s I've seen on those lines still have the orange walls and blue seats, though.

I haven't seen a 500 or 1500 with 3x2 seating, wouldn't that make the aisles really narrow?

  by Diverging Route
Cars 517 and 1517 are also unique: They have 2x2 fixed position seating, using the same two-seaters found in the 300-600-1600 series cars.

  by CRail
Cars 517, 518, and the 1517 have 2x2 seats from the 300 pullman cars. All the other german cars have the original flip seats, some have just been recovered.

The MBB's were NOT rebuilt

  by ST214
That's what i thought too. THey are due for rebuild in a year or two, but they are going to do the 300/600/1600's first. 3 of them already went. They were involved in a sideswipe in Beverly, i think, and are out for rebuild. Question to be answered is what doors will they come back with, the regular good old singles, or the two tier POS doors in the 200's???

  by sery2831
Yes the 500/1500s are due for a rebuild after enough 900s are in service. Who/when/where is still unknow...

Right now, there are two 1600 cars out for rebuild(1607, 1634). I am curious to what they are going to come back as myself. I am hoping they come back as active control cars and not as more 200 cars!!! The other two cars that were involved in that sideswipe in Manchester By The Sea were the 363 and the 366. The 363 is on track one in north station, and the 366 is behind BET with the dead stuff. Those two cars are supposed to be rebuilt at some point too.

  by lstrong
Are the 1600s going to be renumbered if they don't come back as control cars? Also, what's wrong with the double doors in the 200s?

  by sery2831
The problem with the double doors on the 200 cars is that they get jammed and you can get stuck inside the cars very easily! Also when the latch that holds them open breaks it's a pain at stations cause everyone has to hold the doors open for the next person. The 300/600/1600 cars you can put a rock in the track to hold the door open. Rocks get pushed out of the tracks on the 200s.

Also the 200 cars have smaller seats, cause they are the same seats as the K cars. And many passengers dont like them for not only that reason, but they often have a foul order them. And lately the HVAC in them seem to be not working properly.

  by CSX Conductor
sery2831 wrote: The other two cars that were involved in that sideswipe in Manchester By The Sea were the 363 and the 366.

Not to get off topic, but when did that occur?

  by bierhere
There are no MBB rebuild plans in the 5 year capital plan on the MBTA web site.

The document does describe it as a future need. Should the T adhere to this plan, the earliest start on the MBB rebuilds would be 2009-2010.