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  • Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.
Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.

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  by HWB
My video's from the weekend. Sundays Amtrak run see's the introduction of the DueceCam. This new technology allows me to shoot the same train from to different locations. Although not perfected it does show promise


NS 225 and friends

Crescents meet at Flemming

Train 20

19 and 20

Howard at MP 195
  by HWB
Went to Birmingham this weekend but not to watch trains. I did manage to get the Amtrak runs and NS 225 on Sunday. 225 was an interesting chase. I picked him up at Woodstock but was able to get him again at MP 195 because of work going on down in Tuscaloosa. Still tweaking the DueceCam. On vacation this week so I should be able to get some quality video uploaded...I hope

NS A55 and 172

Weekend Amtrak

NS 225

Amtrak at Echo Lake

Howard at MP 195
  by HWB
Got a rare treat today and caught a rolling meet of Trains 19 and 20 at CP Coaling on the AGS South. 19 was blowing the crossing at Lower Coaling Road and Train 20 was blowing the crossing at Grimes Crossing Road. It was cool to say the least. If I would have arrived a few minutes sooner I would have been able to get the power face to face. Timing, timing, timing. Anyway enjoy the video of something that doesn't happen that often.

Rolling Meet

May 22 Amtrak runs

Howard at MP 195
  by HWB
Rode up to Birmingham Thursday morning. Using nothing but line of sight and dead reckoning I was able to catch a train at Coaling, Vance and Woodstock. The train at Woodstock was an unusual one as it was a single unit with empty GTTX flats. While waiting in Birmingham on Train 19 to depart a Herzog ballast train train came up. Took off after Train 19 to catch it meeting Train 20 but my effort was thwarted by the Interstate being closed for paving. Decided to head for Woodstock and get 20 there.
Later that evening I managed to catch A56 at Cottondale while going to get a pizza.
Friday saw Train 20 waiting on the main for 19 to get in hole at Bryant. After backing out, Train 19 carried on. Great horn work by both crews.
Today I missed 20 but 19 is ruuning late so I will get it. So far I captured what is probably 393 this morning and just now what is probably 345. Those will be posted later.

AGS South Tuscaloosa to Birmingham

Crescent meets Crescent

The Big Mo Horn Show

Amtrak Montage

Howard at MP 195
  by HWB
This story is a bit late but needs to be told

Sunday saw NS 225 at MP 195 with a "Restricted Approach" signal. That was odd but I thought nothing more of it as there was probably work going on down in Tuscaloosa. The next trains should have been Amtrak. Train 19 came but had a "Stop" signal. Odd. Train 20 was late and getting later. I went home and decided to wait by the radio and listen for 20 to arrive. what I heard was A55 was stalled soth of Tuscaloosa and the power from NS 225 was about to cut off and go
help out. I got my camera and climbed on my trust chasing steed and took off. When I arrived at the depot the power from NS 225 had cut off and was down by the ABS interlocking. Not wanting to get in the way (some crews are camera shy) I stayed at the depot to wait for the power to return. Afetr about 30 minutes or so they came back and coupled up. After another short delay they were gone. Thinking 19 would come by next I stayed at the depot. That wasn't going to be
the case. I went to 10th Avenue and found Big Mo and Train 19 in the hole. He informed me that two northbounders and Train 20 would come by before they could leave Bryant. And that's how Train 19 and 20 meet at the same place two and a half hours late.

Turmoil in Tuscaloosa

Amtrak's delays with a Heritage Unit

The Saga of NS 225

Howard at MP 195
  by HWB
Most off today's video's are shot away from MP 195. Included in this episode are DueceCam views of both Amtrak Crescents at Woodstock, Alabama and the Alabama Southern crossing the


Howard at MP 195
  by HWB
Trains on Norfolk Southern's AGS South in and around Tuscaloosa on a beautiful May day. Trains you will see are NS 393, Amtrak along with NS 339 and many others


Howard at MP 195
  by HWB
highlights of this week include

2 Days of NS 130
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... TYjVIRtoeU

Chasing NS 340, again
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... -bxcfy2jjQ

NS 225 epic consist
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... mcCYdKS3kU

Long Crescent meet, geat horns
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... WvZQfYIZHo

19 with Private Cars
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... i2CSJq4CGI

thats enough for now,

Howard at MP 195