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  by shlustig
Located on the Columbus Division between Columbus and Bradford. Double-track mainline; ABS Rules. Line was elevated through Piqua to eliminate grade crossings.

PRR M/W gangs were working on the tracks to correct the worst of the ballast conditions caused by the extremely heavy wartime traffic.

A 17-car westbound troop train derailed at the work site on the Piqua elevated portion at about 1PM. The train was allegedly exceeding the temporary speed restriction at the work site, the derailed cars went down the embankment, and a couple overturned.

The casualty list was very low with only about 30 injuries and no fatalities reported at the time.

The locomotive and 5 head cars had not derailed and proceeded westward after a several hour delay. A relief train out of Columbus picked up the remaining servicemen that evening.

The PRR stated the cause as a broken rail under traffic.

Interestingly, there is no ICC Railroad Accident Investigation Report covering this incident, possibly because the military sealed the accident area and controlled access.