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  • Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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  by jhdeasy
On New Year's Day 2005, I rode the entire Baltimore Light Rail Line and Subway line using a $3.50 full fare adult day pass.

Started at Cromwell - Glen Burnie on light rail, heading north into Pennsylvania Station, back to the Mount Royal station, then north to the end of the line at Hunt Valley. After an incredibly slow lunch (almost total failure of service) at the Wendy's near the Hunt Valley station, it was south on light rail to University Center / Baltimore St where I detrained and walked about 2 blocks east to board the subway at Charles Center.

On the subway, rode east to the end of the line at Johns Hopkins Hospital, then west to the end of the line at Owings Mills, and then back to Charles Center.

After leaving the subway at Charles Center, I boarded the light rail at University Center and rode south to the end of the line at Cromwell - Glen Burnie.

Detrained and drove over to North Linthicum where I made a roundtrip to BWI Airport and retuirn to complete the light rail system ride.


Enjoyable trip. Lots of mileage for only $3.50 using the day pass.

Clean equipment ... no graffitti ... comfortable and apparently in good working order. Subway seats were more comfortable than light rail seats.

As to the double tracking of the north end of the light rail line, in some locations (such as the industrial park at the north end) I wonder where MTA will find the space to lay the second track.

Subway design and equipment struck me as a rather plainer less grand version of the Washington Metrorail system. Subway ridership was very light on the afternoon of New Year's Day. It felt a bit strange to be one of only 2 or 3 European/Caucasion (white) faces I saw in the one hour I was in the subway.

No one spot checked my payment of the fare on the light rail line.

I did see police cars in several parking lots along the light rail line; I saw no police presence on the subway.

  by BaltOhio
Answering your question about double-tracking the north end of Baltimore's light rail: It won't be done at all. The new double tracking will extend only as far north as the second crossing of Beaverdam Rd. Beyond there, as you note, there's no room for a second track and they're not going to bother.

You were smart to ride when you did. As of this week, the entire north half of the light rail line has been shut down, probably for at least 10-11 months, to expedite the double-tracking work. Buses have been substituted at stations in Baltimore County (causing no end of confusion and delays to commuters early this week), but the stations within the city (Mt. Washington, Cold Spring, and Woodberry) get no service whatever.

The police presence you noticed at the light rail stations is provided by the city and two counties -- Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County -- in response to earlier crime problems on the platforms and parking lots.

  by gprimr1
I truly enjoy the police presence, especially at Lutherville station.