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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by SPUI
I'm still working on the map at http://web.mit.edu/spui/www/temp/nj.pdf (Bergen County area blowup at http://web.mit.edu/spui/www/temp/bergen.pdf. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Once I finalize all the routes I'll renumber them in a more logical system.

And a couple questions:
Was the Trenton-Princeton Traction Company owned by the Reading after it stopped carrying passengers?
I'll have more questions in the future.

  by nick11a
Great map!

Interesting to see how close the Rockaway Valley Line is to the current day Gladstone Branch as well as the current day Morristown Line. The Rockaway Valley line comes close to both of these lines but doesn't meet.
  by themallard
Trainlawyer wrote:Yes.

The line originally ran up Witherspoon Street to Spring Street in Princeton Borough. Passenger service was first cut back to the end of the private right of way then dropped entirely. The Reading then took over the line and operated it to Lawrenceville, primarilly to serve the Lawrenceville School and a cannery at Lawrenceville-Pennington Road. The line was finally abandoned to avoid the cost of crossing I 95.

In response to the gentleman in another thread who suggested using the R-O-W to extend SNJLRT to Princeton Jct.

The right of way is more or less intact as far as The Great Road in Princeton but is obliterated beyond there. There has also been some residental construction on the line in Lawrence. Even if the line was intact (and relaying the track did not go through a superior court Judge's rose garden) it would still be neccesary to connect from Witherspoon Street to the Dinky Station. I won't say it's impossible but if you look at the curves and the grades and the available space on Rt 27 you will see why its very difficult.

You can still walk the row in Lawrenceville. Half of it is a bike path; the other parts north and south of it stretch into wodded areas. On most parts except in the northern end, you can walk on the rail bed, (without the rails) up until the I-95 crossing behind Rider University. I am not sure of the condition of the ROW in the Trenton area though. For most of the line, there are electrical and telephone cables that are still in use today.

  by rvrrhs
Regarding the Rahway Valley Railroad, you can call "20B" the "Monsanto Branch."

  by SPUI
Was it called the Monsanto Branch when it was built? Or was this a later name given to it?

  by rvrrhs
SPUI wrote:Was it called the Monsanto Branch when it was built? Or was this a later name given to it?

That's a good question. I'll have to defer to Don Maxton on this one (if he can sort out a technical problem that is preventing him from posting...).

You could preliminarily call it the Kenilworth Branch, as it runs entirely within Kenilworth.

  by SPUI
I'm rather stuck on figuring out where these were:
New York & Fort Lee RR - it looks like this went north from Weehawken to around Guttenberg?
Docks Connecting Ry/RR
Erie Terminals RR - I've seen this both as the bridge over the Hackensack on the mainline, and a line going north and south from the Edgewater terminal of the NYS&W.
New Jersey Shore Line RR - somewhere south of the NYS&W Edgewater Terminal?
NY&NJ Ferry Co
Lehigh Valley:
Middlesex Ry
Lehigh Valley RR Co of NJ
Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Ry
Kill von Kull Ry
Bay Creek Ry
Hudson Terminal Ry
Jersey City Belt Line Ry/RR (went along the Morris Canal ROW, crossed Chapel Ave)
Newark Bay Ry
Thanks for any information.

  by SPUI
I've finally done the renumbering - the new map is at http://web.mit.edu/spui/www/temp/nj.pdf. Not all branches are in the main map, some are only in the Bergen County area blowup (which doesn't have the numbers yet).
The main area I still need a lot of help with is Bergen County, especially the line along the river and the Constable Hook area.

  by rvrrhs
Hey, SPUI. What's with the frogs?

  by SPUI
Those are locations where frog wars or similar confrontations happened. The next version of the Bergen County blowup will have three of these (NJJ/National Docks under PRR, LVRR over CNJ (west of Greenville Terminal), M&E over Erie (west of the tunnels)).

  by CarterB
SPUI, any plans to show the interurban lines? Such as the North Jersey Rapid Transit?

  by SPUI
If I ever do the interurbans, that'll be a separate map. This one is already crowded enough with only the freight railways.
I may add interurbans to the Northeast NJ blowup IF I can get accurate information about them.

  by CarterB
If you get to the interurbans, I have fairly accurate info on the North Jersey Rapit Transit line from Elmwood Park to Suffern, NY.

  by danb
One thing...

The Raritan Valley doesn't start to curve to the south until quite a ways after the Carnford Junction.