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  by Jim Frye
The Mfg. Rwy. was owned and operated by the PRR as an industrial switching line in Toledo, OH from 1872 until Conrail control. The line ran for about three miles along the western shore of the Maumee River in downtown Toledo servicing industrial and commercial customers. I am researching the line and am looking for anyone that may have information on the company. I specifically need pictures and operational information on the line. I have track maps and pictures of some of the customer buildings served, but little else. I have no information regarding locomotives used on the line other than loco restrictions on the line from a 1954 employee timetable. Oddly enough, the local history section of the library has no pictures of the line in use. This may be due to the traffic being handled at night as one end of the line ran down the middle of the street in downtown Toledo with spurs off to the side and parallel with the main line. The entire line was taken up or abandoned by Conrail. Thanks for any help. Jim