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  • Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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  by redinkdrying
hey fellow DE railfans. i'm just typing in to tell you all about a new model RR i am starting. it is in HO scale. I am going by USGS arial view maps and making a fictional, although could really exist RR. I decided what if DELDOT started a project to revive DE rail usage? Why be limited to modeling the NS main, or the MDDE or struggling DCL? now, I know you'r all saying why isn't this post in the RR moddeling forum? well here is you'r answer... I want my model RR to be as accurate as it can be if it really exsisted. I am looking for suggestions for different industries that if they choose to, could benifit from rail deliveries? I am looking for real life examples from Harrington, east to Milford, then north to Fredrica, Magnolia, and then onto the DAFB. Why the DAFB??? Why not, who hasn't wanted to see some heavy military cargo and tanks, ect... moving by rail through the fields and small villages of DE!!! The engine shop, is being modelled right now. It is just east of Magnolia, in what is currently a field. Why Magnolia? It's where I live and I would like to pay hommage to my town... plus, it really is a great place to put the engine shop because it's so close to the AF base, as well as hell, the name Magnolia Central RR has a nice ring to it. All operations would be headed out of a new building built by DELDOT in Dover, DE. I am writting the history right now (the first date of operations is May 24th, 2001) Why this date? my birthday is May 24th, and I graduated high school in 2001. if any of you are interested in getting a copy of the full, although fictional history, along with a full motive power roster, freight car roster, paint scheme, and detailed map of the RR, don't fret. It will all be free, to whom ever wishes!!! I will anounce on this forum when I am ready to ship out the copies. should be early summer. if you would like your very own HO scale Magnolia Central RR engine, they will be avalible for sale also.

  by themallard
Well Im not from Delaware but I think this thread needs to be moved. Good idea though redink.

  by VaCentralRwy
Given how busy this forum is, no one will ever notice this thread. If you to add some industries, think of the grain storage along the creeks in Frederica and Magnolia.

  by Engineer James
Make sure to incle the Chesapeake RR From Clayton, DE. I would love to see it.