• M9 and M9A Procurement & Acceptance

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Jake Rothman
9199-9200 entered service on 6217 to Grand Central this morning, west leading motor of a 12 car set. Happy New Year ! 🎊
  by Jake Rothman
9173-9174 finally in service this morning after a good year or so of testing and getting stuff worked out, currently in an 8 car set. All 9170s are completed at this time. 16 cars remain
  by BenTheMiner
M9 9195-9196 delivered by CSX to LIRR Fresh Pond Yard
  by BenTheMiner
^ Jake was this your info? I heard it second hand
  by Jake Rothman
9183-9184 in service following a successful testing period over the past month or two. Leading west motor of a 10 car set. 14 cars remain.
  by BenTheMiner
M9 9197-9198 delivered to Fresh Pond Yard from Kawasaki Yonkers
  by MBTAVideoClips
I'm suprised the testing/accepting/etc is still going on! How many remain?
  by Jeff Smith
All delivered: $Newsday$
Last of 'unicorn' M9 trains delivered to LIRR after years of delay

The Long Island Rail Road’s entire fleet of new electric train cars have finally arrived, LIRR officials said Monday, about five years later than originally scheduled.

LIRR officials confirmed that the last of the 202 cars purchased from Kawasaki Rail Car for about $730 million was delivered to the railroad last month in time to meet the LIRR's latest target completion date of May 2024.

“The LIRR has had all of the M9 cars since April 3,” LIRR President Robert Free said in a statement.
  by ConstanceR46
If both Bombardier and Kawasaki are on the MTA's shitlist for delivering various duds and lemons, who else would possibly bid for the M9As?
  by Jeff Smith
I'd agree with Bombardier, maybe not Kawasaki. Still, I'd venture potentially Siemens (get it?). I guess MetroNorth has decided to forgo them, rehabbing the M3A's instead of replacing them a la the 9's.
  by ConstanceR46
I dunno, the R211s have had quite a few problems, plus how long the M9s took. I don't presume the MTA is very happy Press releases about Congestion Pricing seem to mention that a M9A Joint Order is at least on the table again (https://new.mta.info/press-release/mta- ... congestion)

Perhaps the Adessias looking so much like M7s is a stealth indication they're gearing up for a M9A offering? Not sure if Siemens would be willing to build EMUs as these couldn't really be off-the-shelf venture derivatives
  by Head-end View
It's unfortunate that Kawasaki is out of favor right now. They were always a good company at least pre-Covid. I think Covid messed them up the same as it did everything and everyone else. Hopefully they will again be a good company in the near future.
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