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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Head-end View
With the recent Lambasting of MTA/LIRR by Newsday fresh in my mind; can anyone give us a current count on how many M9's are on the property and how many are now in revenue service?

  by photobug56
And what their real life breakdown rate is versus what LIRR may report?
  by Head-end View
Photobug, give it a rest...........
  by photobug56
Lirr trains have a high breakdown rate. I am wondering how M9s do. Separate issue from comfort but important.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Check the monthly MTA board reports - MDBF might be in there. NYCT does have a monthly breakdown
by car model class.

I would expect the newest fleet to fare better than the DM/DE.
  by hxa
From https://new.mta.info/document/79326 (p73), LIRR M-9s have a 12-month rolling averaged MDBF of roughly 250,000 miles.

But that's per car, not per train. By assuming an average LIRR MU has a consist of ten cars, it translates to 25,000 miles per failure per train, or 40,000 kms per failure per train - even lower than some European or Asian high-speed MUs. And we know that high-speed MUs are inherently unreliable than transit/regional ones...
  by Patch Hog
The thing about the Newsday piece that made the least sense was blaming LIRR's accepting cars with flaws for the delays in receiving cars - seems backwards. If they'd held the line on defects, there be fewer cars in service.

Reading about Kawasaki's performance at WMATA, LIRR and MNR tells me they may be the problem.
  by Jake Rothman
Dead thread for a bit. Here’s our newest update. At the LIRR board meeting, it is stated that most issues with the M9s these past months along with the investigation have been resolved and President Rinaldi is very pleased with the beyond expected performance of the current cars. We accepted two more married pairs for the month of march for a standing total of 126. Probably more by now. 9140s are working the test rosters daily as other cars get worked on in arch street and hillside. Rolling average MDBF was just over 232,000 with three failures as the bugs continue to be worked out. We are still on track for the order to be completed by the end of the year according to CPOC. More information should be available during next months rolling stock presentation.
Overall, it seems like we are headed in the right direction again after a few months of delays and hard work.
  by Head-end View
Thanks for the update!
  by photobug56
Ditto! Nice to hear good news on rolling stock.
  by Jake Rothman
9155-9156 entered service earlier this week making it the first pair to be accepted for passenger runs in four months. Most test trains are consisting of 9170s now a days and most 9180s have made it through to arch street. The last few pairs await at the Yonkers staging area. More updates should follow by the end of the week when CPOC releases the rolling stock presentation
  by newkirk
Thanks for the update Jake Rothman.
Maybe with all these incoming M-9's maybe the LIRR should remove some M-7s from service and replace the sun damaged glazing .
The M-7s are really showing their age.
BM: Yes-The original M7 cars are now 20 years old as of now - numbers lower than 7100 to be exact...
The timing for a mid-life overhaul may be approaching for a lifespan of 35-40 years...

The M9 MU cars have become the prime LIRR "second fleet" over the 80-100 M3 cars remaining...
Again the plan is to bring the M3 cars back to use when ESA to GCT-M opens...MACTRAXX
The glazing damage on the M7s is from the highly caustic etching chemicals used in the car washes. The damage was done early on, so they stopped running them through the wash tracks. Remember the absolutely filthy M7s for a long period back in 05-07? About the same time they tried the completely useless and expensive sanders on them. MTA- going your way.
  by Jake Rothman
Been a bit since posting here. Been busy on NYC forums. Since last time, the following pairs have been placed into service. 9081-9082 (last week), 9143-9144 (6/28), 9151-9152 (6/20) and 9171-9172 (6/23). Most recent test train slaps revenue pair 9136-9135 leading east with four unknown in the middle and 9166-9165 trailing.
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