• M&E Rehabbing Vornado Spur?

  • Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by njt4172
I happened to be on Merry Lane this past weekend and I noticed that the spur off the Main that enters the warehouses in East Hanover was cleared of brush and trees! Does anyone know if M&E did this or was it just speeder with his track car? I'm hoping M&E did it as there are potential for new customers!


  by njt4172
Hello???? Anyone alive out there????? sigh

  by SemperFiSep11
I have no real news to report on this topic but I will poke around the area on my way home tonight and inquire over in Morristown.

Hopefully I will report some good news.

  by Jihn z
Steve, I don't know if you remeber but there was a big discussion on the Vornado Spur awhile back. Last I knew, there weren't any customers on the line that wanted/needed rail service. This would be great if someone does have an interest, its a great track with nothing to do but rot away. We will see, I haven't heard anything as of yet.

  by Greg

I asked around with some of my customers today and no one seems to know anything about receiving rail service. As far as know there is still no business in the industrial park that has a need for such service, but I could be wrong. Maybe if they were out doing brush clearing it might be for another 'one of' moves like the last time when a steam generator was brought in for Sandoz/Novartis.

  by denvillerailfan
Not sure what's going on, but nobody does something for nothing.

Looks like a good start!

http://community.webshots.com/photo/996 ... 9276jdzfYS
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  by njt4172
They probably just cleared the brush and trees so they can store MOW equipment or perhaps more engines that may be coming online!! :D :D With all their alcos and FL-9's they need more track space!


  by Angus202
I noticed this recently as well, but havent had the time to check up on things... last time I was back there around october their ballast hopper was shoved into the lead. Thing is, this spur has its own bridge over the whippany, that's likely just as old as the bridge that carried the main over - which had to be replaced -, wood pilings and deck, I wouldn't even cross it on foot. But if they're clearing brush, I'll assume its been deemed safe. Here's a shot of where the spur leaves the main, not the best quality, but its from the cab in the dusk - the bridge I spoke of is just around the bend out of sight.



  by Don Maxton
This isn't directly related to the topic, but I didn't want to start a new subject just for a quick question.

Does the M&E ever deliver cars to Morristown Lumber? There is a siding there, which has been occupied by MOW equipment whenever I pass by. At one time, the M&E ran cars into the lumber shed, and the tracks are still inside, although I think they've been paved over in the parking lot.

  by Angus202
Don, they havent had a load go to them in as long as I can remember. The rails cross the street and proceed into their property for a bit, if I remember correctly - they're only semi-burried around and into the barn. The 2nd pic below shows the foot or so of missing rail thru the street leading to double-d's and the county jail.



  by Greg
There was a RR Const. hi-rail truck parked on the spur near Ridgedale Ave. this afternoon. I wonder if the spur is being worked on or is just for storage while they repair the main line.

  by mtarail
They are out of storage space. Need more for all the NJ Transit cars.

  by cjvrr
Saw ties being installed today on the spur west of Ridgedale Avenue.


  by Greg

I spotted that today also.

If they are planning on using this spur as a storage area will there be any problems with keeping a static load on the bridge?

  by 7 Train
If the Vornado spur reopens, there are a few potenial customers there-Home Depot, Target and other warehouses.