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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by rvrrhs
Great stuff! It would be nice, though, if they were labeled SIRR or RVRR, because many of these appear to be from the SIRR portion, not the RVRR proper.

  by ChooChooHead2
In 2001 the Morristown & Erie was selected to repair and operate a rail line comprised of the New Jersey portion of the Staten Island Railroad between Linden and Cranford, and the former Rahway Valley Railroad between Cranford and Summit. The both sections are now known as the Rahway Valley Railroad.
Good point Alan. All of the pictures I took (so far) are of the old SIRR. I still think of those tracks as the SIRR, but I'm trying to refer to both lines as the RVRR, as quoted above from the M&E website. I will label the photos accordingly.

Keep up the good work!

  by rvrrhs
...not that there's that much progress to document yet on the "real" RVRR, ChooChooHead2.

Does anyone out there know EXACTLY what that track at the South Avenue Crossing in Cranford is going to be used for?
I have heard so many conflicting stories.

  by Ken W2KB
It's entirely possible that the work is being done on specualtion in anticipation of attracting shippers to locate on the line. Convincing a business to locate with a promise to rehabilitate the line is a lot more difficult than if the pitch is the fine track is there and ready.

  by markyk
The line is being reactivated to move hoppers of plastic pellets (for now) out of a new company located within the refinery area in Bayway. Not sure of its name and exact location, but is supposedly under construction or nearing completion at this time....

It would prove difficult to interchange at Bayway on the Chemical Coast, thus the reactivation of the SIRT west of the Turnpike......

I guess whatever local business the county/railroad could drum up would also help carloadings as well, but I don't think there are any firm plans for another industry (not many there now) to utilize the SIRT in NJ....

Intermodal will not be a part of the immediate plan as the SIRT is supposed to be severed (at the Chemical Coast) from Howland Hook in the very near future......(supposed to be, doesn't mean it will happen)

Can trash be a part of the lines future?....I would bet on trash before intermodal.....

take care

One more question.
Is the old Cranford yard eventually going to be utilized once again just like the CNJ Days?

  by ChooChooHead2
ChooChooHead2 wrote:I saw a pretty large pile of ballast this morning, near the crossing of St. George Ave and E. Baltimore Ave. in Roselle. Every little bit of progress helps, and with this weather, the pace should really pick up.

As for the return of the railyard, I haven't come across any info, but one can only hope: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=9331

  by markyk
Happen to notice 2 pieces of equipment from Railroad Construction sitting on the ROW on the RV at Westfield Ave in Roselle Park.......wondering how long they have been there.......There is tremendous encroachment on the ROW as you get into Roselle Park's Industrial sections between Market St and Michigan Ave...will be interesting to monitor the situation