• LRS Companys (LRSX) Anyone know anything about them?

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  by scharnhorst
Kind of stumped here guys and gal's and I'm hoping some one has head of or knows anything about this out fit. LRS Companies LRSX there based out of Beggs, Oklahoma oddly enough they are a Locomotive leasing out fit but there is no info on them that I can find. The operation is not situated on the tracks which are about 2 or 3 miles down the road and it looks more like a residence than anything else. It's hardly worth driving 45 minuets out of my way to look at it. But anyways they own and lease mostly small SW type switchers SW7's, 8's 9's, and 1200's and maybe a handful of GP7's, 9's, 30's and 35's? There is no known roster of there equipment on the net to be found. I do come across random locomotives on and off here in Tulsa but they seem to be out of service and are often being picked for parts the locos show up hang out for a week then there gone some times there on shop trucks being move like a box car on BNSF / UP trains other times there still riding on there own trucks but with missing hood doors. Any info would be great.
  by scharnhorst
Cowford wrote:This is a start: http://www.locomotiverepairservice.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

yes it is thanks! I did snap a photos of the 911 back this past Wednesday it's down in Sapulpa, OK and looking rather rough.