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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by ashley2771
I was in Wadley recently and noticed that the area around the LW switcher, former G&F 1004, has been cleared of brush and debris blocking the track. Is this just upkeep on the part of Mr. Gibson, or is activity returning to the LW? I understand the switcher still still runs...

  by G&Fman
Toward the end of 2004, the spiked switches on both legs of the wye where we (NS) connect to the L&W were pulled up and the first few yards of track were inspected so that Mr. Gibson could start receiving cars once again.

Anytime empty cars (mostly boxcars) with L&W reporting marks that have nowhere to go for reloading will automatically get waybilled to the L&W interchange at Wadley. However, they generally get rebilled to go somewhere else once they arrive in Millen or when the Millen switcher sets them off in #1 or #2 track at Wadley for Mr. Gibson, so I can't say that any traffic has polished Mr. Gibson's rails yet.

Oh, and the old G&F SW1, 1004, still runs. Mr. Gibson jumps the batteries and lets her idle for a little while just keep her insides from freezing up.
  by ashley2771
I still see lots of LW cars, anything going on in Wadley? Any cars ever spotted there?

  by G&Fman
I haven't been back that way in a while. Last time I was there a couple of years ago they had cleaned up the ROW from the west leg of the wye to the Hwy 319 crossing.

Now that I'm a carman and no longer a clerk I'm not able to keep up with what's going on in the territory I once handled (Gordon/Tennille/Wrens/Millen).