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  by lpetrich
Nice views, though I would have liked more identification.

Lötschberg Tunnel - Wikipedia (Kandersteg - Goppenstein) and the new one, Lötschberg Base Tunnel - Wikipedia (Frutigen - Raron).

The latter tunnel is only partially done: about 1/3 is two tunnel bores with tracks, 1/3 is two bores with only one having tracks, and 1/3 is only one bore, that one having tracks. No word on when they might complete that tunnel's second bore.
  by lpetrich
Planning contract awarded for Lötschberg Base Tunnel track doubling That tunnel was opened in an unfinished state, with only its eastern bore active, and run in single-track fashion. The status of the western bore over the tunnel's 35-km length, from north to south:
  • 7 km -- not excavated
  • 14 km -- excavated but not completed
  • 14 km -- completed and used as a passing track
IG Valbt, a consortium of engineering companies led by SRP Ingenieur, got a contract for planning the finishing of the middle section, with an option for boring a tunnel in the northern section.
  by David Benton
Thanks Ipetrich. I guess if a single track can handle the traffic , why spend billions completing the 2nd track. I presume the passing section is near the middle. With swiss precision, they can probably get quite a few trains through .