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  by Benjamin Maggi
I am looking for D&H timetables from the 1980s. Specifically, 1983-1984 would be great. I see lots of 1960s timetables on EBay, as well as a fair amount of 1950s and occasionally 1970s. Nothing for the 1980s. Did they exist from the mid-1970s on, or should I be searching for early Guilford timetables?
  by TB Diamond
Have the following D&H ETTs collected over the years:

No. 5 Eff. April 30, 1978
No. 6 Eff. April 27, 1980
No. 7 Eff. August 3, 1980 (Went to 3-ring loose leaf binder format)
No. 8 Eff. April 25, 1982
No. 3 Eff. January 1, 1992
  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks for the feedback. I guess I will keep looking!