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  by Snowmojoe
Hi, I'm visiting the Fort Myers FL area for a few days, and I thought I'd maybe try to get out and catch some SGLR action while I'm here. Searches on the internet and within these forums turns up very little information newer than 2013 or 14. I did see one article from their CEO where he talks about increased freight traffic, and that was dated January 2016, but there was no specific information on schedules, locations, etc., as one might expect in a largely PR focused piece.

I know they have the dinner murder mystery trains, and I'll try to catch one of those, if that's all there is. But if I could catch some freight or even maybe some good yard shots, that would be great. All within the confines of legality, of course. If anyone has recent info on their activity, I'd really appreciate it.

Are there ever any trains south of the Winkler Ave depot where the murder mystery train departs? Does anything ever go down to the Naples/Estero area anymore? The crossing at Daniels Parkway looks awful good for a crossing that is never used anymore.
  by Snowmojoe
Here's my own update: I rolled the dice today (Monday 3/7) and just took a quick look at Google Maps to see where it seems the SGLR stores some equipment. I decided to drive out to the intersection of Landing View Rd. and Metro Parkway in Fort Myers, and then cross over the tracks there (on Landing View) and see what I could see. As soon as I got to the tracks, I could see what I assume is the murder mystery train - 3 or 4 coaches in decent shape behind SGLR 578. Further down the tracks, I could see additional equipment, and a couple other locomotives.

I walked up the John Yarborough Linear Park path, which parallels the tracks here pretty close. I was a little disappointed to find that the small strip of ground in between the park path and the tracks was significantly overgrown, so I only had obstructed views of SGLR 501 (F9A), 601 (a caboose), and SGLR 573, 590, and 592 (GP9, B39-8E, B39-8E). As I was struggling with a way to get at least a serviceable shot of 573, I noticed a headlight and ditch lights further up the line. So I walked further north up the park path towards Colonial Blvd, and once I got north of the locomotive shed, the vegetation between the path and the tracks got far more sparse. SGLR 592 was sitting just north of the shed and was fairly out in the open.

I heard a locomotive blow for the crossing at Colonial and walked even further north, and was lucky enough to catch SGLR 591 (B39-8E) light coming across Colonial. Here's a link to the video I shot (the horizon is off because I just had enough time to set the thing down, start the video and then get to shooting stills, so no leveling of the tripod happened.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnM0a-NFFoE" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I was there from about 5 pm to about 6 pm. There was no activity in the yard aside from the arrival of 591. I imagine though, if I'd been a little earlier in arriving, and had been further north, I may have been able to catch 591 doing some switching work, perhaps up by the wye just north of where Metro Parkway crosses over the rails (on an overpass). The Yarborough Park path continues up that far, and it may be possible to see the tracks from there, but it depends on the vegetation growth.