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  by greenwichlirr
Hi Gang, I'm helping to produce a piece for Time Warner Cable news (Former YNN-Albany) to run in our Albany market about the Colonie Shops). I'm trying to track down some footage of the shops themselves. The piece would be short (only about 3 mins) and therefor we wouldn't probably end up using more than a minute or two of vintage shots, but views seem to be elusive--odd, too, since the railroad was so 'buff friendly' back in the day.

If anyone can help me on the issue, then you can PM me here or email me at [email protected]

Thanks ahead of time!

Chip Ordway
Greenwich, NY
  by greenwichlirr
Bouncing this up. Still looking and I am actually quite surprised at the lack of available materials, considering the wide-open phtography policy back in 'the day'.