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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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  by A.M.
First off let me apologize for not going through every thread--just the majority of them--in search of some info.

That said, here's the situation.

I am currently a student working on a photo-documentary on railworker/hobo/etc monikers (AKA streaks, tags, and so on). I have been shooting for almost 2 years now and am looking to talk to and photograph some people who are interested in this subject. Now you can be in favor of or againt the phenomena, in fact it would be great to have a lot of both represented, becaue I'm trying to be as equal about this as possible. More, I'd love to talk with anyone who deals with these drawings on a work-related basis. That is, anyone who works directly with the rolling stock would be of massive help.

While I am in Bethlehem, PA, I can travel just about anywhere and will gladly welcome the opportunity to do so. So don't hesitate to respond if you live in, say, someplace warm and sunny.

Anyone interested or anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction, PLEASE get in touch. My email is down at the bottom. Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you.


[email protected]