• Locomotives at Kinua Dam - c1960?

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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by MT14L
Locomotives at Kinua Dam - c1960?

Does anyone out there have any photos/resources they can share on the use of locomotives to build the Kinzua Dam on the Allegheny River, near Warren, PA?
Construction time period was c1960. Three locos reported to be owned / used by construction company Hunkin/Conkey... two small Plymouth and one GE centercab. Apparently the two small Plymouth locos were also used earlier to build the power plant at Niagara Falls, NY. Info/photos on locos during construction of Kinzua, "life" before Kinzua, and "life" after, if any, is also requested and appreciated.
Replies either here or to my e-mail are ok. But, replies here are more enjoyable by all.

Thank you!

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  by Aa3rt
While I'm afraid I can't help you with the status of the centercab, I can state that the two Plymouths went to the National Forge (Now known as Ellwood National Forge) in Irvine, west of Warren, but still in Warren County. One of the units went to Erie and was scrapped, the other was donated to the Lake Shore Railway Museum in North East, PA in 2004. It is currently on display. (Information courtesy of Ron Stafford)

You'll see a photo of it in this link: http://lakeshorerailway.com/rolling-stock-of-lsrhs/ (Scroll down to National Forge #392)
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A little further research-actually a refreshing of my memory-reveals that the 80 ton GE centercab locomotive is now at the Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation in Youngstown, Ohio.

More information in this thread from 2010: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 30&t=74736

Follow this link for a photo of the GE centercab: http://todengine.blogspot.com/