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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Jeff Smith
If it's okay with LQ, I'm going to set up a schedule change thread going forward. LQ, if you'd prefer it not be a sticky, or would rather deal with it as events occur, let me know. It covers more than just ESA, Oyster Bay, and all that.

NBC New York
Changes coming to LIRR schedule starting Tuesday: What to know

Those who take Long Island Rail Road can expect new schedule changes to be implemented on Tuesday, most of which include more express trains to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The MTA initially announced the changes earlier in the summer after riders complained about service, particularly after the opening of the Grand Central Madison station. Passengers at the time said they saw fewer trains going to Penn Station and Atlantic Terminal — so the transit agency said there will be increased service to the Manhattan hub, as well as more direct service to Brooklyn.

For the morning rush hour commute, direct service to Brooklyn from the Far Rockaway, Long Beach, Hempstead, and Huntington branches will be added, the MTA said. There will also be a change in which trains stop at certain stations in Queens — like Rosedale, Laurelton, Locust Manor, Queens Village and Hollis — as LIRR ridership data showed that more riders are traveling to Brooklyn from these locations, according to the MTA.
  by Head-end View
Good to see LIRR finally waking up to reality. At Jamaica this morning around 11am, I was surprised to hear an announcement for an express train to Brooklyn on Track-3. Good that improved Brooklyn service is spreading beyond the rush hour.
H-E View: After an absence from RR.Net of almost one month (August 25 was my last log-in) I have a LIRR subject to comment about...I wanted to check using both the current CTZ Atlantic Terminal and West Hempstead Branch schedules to see what the westbound AT late-morning service levels were -

I found that there is a one-hour gap in what is otherwise half-hourly service between Jamaica and AT during the late morning on weekdays - basically one through WH train and one Jamaica-AT shuttle -
From WH - Train #1717- Leave Jamaica 10:22 AM - Local to AT arrives 10:42 AM (Previous train 9:52 AM)
From WH - Train #1719 - Leave Jamaica 11:24 AM - Express to AT arrives 11:43 AM
Shuttle - Train #2895 - Leave Jamaica 11:26 AM - Local to AT arrives 11:46 AM

This is the one and only full-hour gap between Jamaica and AT in either direction between the AM and PM Peak hours on weekdays (which actually surprised me) along with a local following a non-stop express just two minutes later...There should be a Jamaica-AT train added at or around 10:52 AM to close this gap...

The two-minute short gaps between Jamaica-AT trains should at least be lengthened by a few minutes - 11:30 AM west could be a revised time as example for Train #2895...Midday WH trains run nonstop to AT with an all-stop local (East New York and Nostrand Avenue) shuttle train soon behind...

LIRR Branch schedule PDFs can be downloaded at: http://new.mta.info/agency/long-island- ... timetables

Interesting findings concerning Brooklyn service...MACTRAXX