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  by Pensyfan19
I just got this as a proposed O gauge model from MTH Trains (whoch went out of business last June). Can anyone confirm if this was a proposed livery for the RS3, or if 1554 ever wore this livery?
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  by 452 Card
MTH is still in business. When Mike Wolf retires in May they will close after that. 1554 was never painted like that, it must have been a proposed paint scheme for the unit, which is a special run for Trainworld/Trainland. If you search the product locator on the MTH website using 30-20834, you will find the correct MTA paint scheme that was actual production. Also search 30-20019. This has the correct pre-MTA gray/orange scheme, but finding one now may be tough.
  by LINYARailfan
MTH is still in business. All items delivered after May 2021 will have a one year warranty after that. Its a shame that after all these years one of the greatest model railroading manufacturers is closing down. Hopefully a new future awaits and the legacy of mth trains will continue through a new company.
As for the Long Island RS-3, trainworld is producing an exclusive Alco RS-3 in three different road numbers; 1552, 1554,and 1556. They will be scheduled for delivery in August 2021.
I have provided the links with the correct paint scheme
  by RGlueck
All LIRR ALCO's, other than the S1 and S2 switchers, got the World's Fair orange "swoop" after 1964. Prior to that the ends were orange and bodies "Goodfellow Gray". The Dashing Dan decal wasn't as large, but it was there. I can't quite tell from hat is shown in the picture you attached, but there never was a yellow "swoop" on an MTA blue body. More's the pity.
  by 452 Card
Hey all,
We are teetering towards being sent to the Toy Train forum here for content. LIRR paint schemes must be mentioned somewhere else on this website, to see the various Tichey, Post Tichey, MTA Variants etc. When I ran the 1554 it was blue and yellow, like the production Trainworld/Trainland model.
  by ConstanceR46
I believe that's the Worlds Fair scheme, applied to these and the RS-1s to match the then-new L-1 C420s
  by 452 Card
I received an email from Trainworld/Land with that exact paint scheme as one of a few options. I guess the Biancos want their special run to have a bit of "whimsey" in it. But- it never existed.
  by C-LINER 2001
My Dad worked in Engine Service on the LIRR and to him the RS-3 was fun to run, when they first arrived the Alco Rep's took a ride with Dad and Ceil Kraft to Oyster Bay from Jamaica, Mr. Kraft ask the Rep how long these will last, the Man reply 15 + years, Ceil told Dad to give a ruff ride, 0 to 8 notch and hard braking, when they got to Oyster Bay, Mr. Kraft again ask how long, the Gentleman's reply was 15+, but on the this Railroad, 7 years, the RS-3's lasted until April 1977, three times what Rep said !!.
The Joys of Railroading.
  by RGlueck
"Crafty" was a little giant on the LIRR, but a steam man, solid, through and through.