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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by MattAmity90
I'm actually stalled right now when it comes to subjects and projects.

What I've contributed to:

1.) Expanding more info on grade crossing separation, the Metropolitans (M1-M9).
2.) Double-Tracking of the Ronkonkoma Branch from Farmingdale to KO.
3.) LIRR Expansion AKA Third Track from Hicksville-Floral Park.
4.) East Side Access.
5.) Simple questions pertaining to how power is supplied (power poles' role).
6.) Station rehabilitations that we saw at Hicksville, Massapequa, and most notably Wantagh.

Aside from Cuomo, you also have to thank former LIRR President Philip Eng, who wanted to expand the railroad and was a catalyst by saying, "Let's DO IT!"
Everyone - Here is the monthly construction update from 3TC:
https://lirrexpansion.com/2022/10/27/on ... n-updates/
Carle Place, Mineola, Floral Park, Garden City/GC Park, Westbury and New Hyde Park latest status noted.

Full Main Line weekend track outages between Floral Park and Hicksville look to be fully completed with
GCTM service beginning in December - the only remaining weekend track work is for the Hempstead Branch
Saturday-Sunday November 12-13 primarily for concrete tie installation in the Bellerose-Floral Park area...
Hollis, Queens Village and Floral Park will be served by Ronkonkoma Branch trains; Stewart Manor, Nassau
Boulevard, Garden City and Hempstead will be served by buses to and from Mineola. West Hempstead trains
will run to Jamaica and not stop at Valley Stream adding another alternative service option.

December 2022 is going to be a significant month in LIRR history with the completion of major track work
and the opening of ESA/GCTM...MACTRAXX
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  by Head-end View
Thanks MACTRAXX. Your monthly updates are appreciated. :-D
  by Head-end View
Re: New Signals at Divide-1 Interlocking, how's this for an absurd mystery:

A while back new ground-mounted Reduced Aspect Signals were installed for westbound trains at this interlocking. Now a big new signal bridge has been built for eastbound trains that features full-size conventional LIRR position-light signals. They are not yet in-service and still bagged but you can see they are of that type.

So why would LIRR use two different signal types for new signals in opposite directions at the same interlocking? I have some ideas why they did this, but I'm hoping for some input from LIRR employees. Maybe Krispy or Kelly&Kelly could fill us in?
  by ExCon90
Just wondering, but are there still wayside signals between interlockings east of Divide? And is cab signal without waysides called Rule 562 on the LI as elsewhere?
  by workextra
There are no wayside ABS signals east or west of Divide.
fixed signals are protecting interlockings/control points

Similar to 562, CSS w/o Wayside ABS
  by ExCon90
Thanks -- so that's not the reason for the difference in signals east and west of Divide. Now I wonder too.
  by workextra
The signals writhing divide and Beth will at some point become RAS with the divide interlocking improvement program.
I’ve heard talk but nothing more than that.
I don’t understand why the is wasn’t included in the 3rd track program though.

As for train movement you just go between the 2 as if there was no difference.

Prior to the project, we didn’t have wayside ABS between Nassau and Divide, and we don’t now.
The RAS don’t provide any block indication. That’s provided solely on your cab signal inside the cab. (Lirr used numeric values instead of aspect)
  by workextra
No problem.
I help where I can.
  by ExCon90
I haven't found anything on the net showing the RAS aspects. All I've seen on head-end videos is green over lunar (which I assume is proceed on cab-signal indication) and red. What does the lunar indicate, and are there any others?

  by Head-end View
There are six aspects in RAS. Red is Stop. Green over lunar is called Proceed. The lunar changes it from a Clear to Proceed which is actually a "proceed-cab". I found a chart on the internet many months ago.

Search for : "The Position Light: LIRR Reduced Aspect Signals"
  by MattAmity90
I still can't believe they put up a gantry to the West of Wantagh Parkway for EB trains, it blew me away. The weird part about it is that RASs are already installed at the switches, along with some miniature pedestal signals. Any word on what they will do with the pedestals on both ends of Hicksville's platforms? In Ed's photos, there is some "work" being done to the viaduct next to Track 3 leading up to that pedestal, widening perhaps?
  by workextra
Absolutely a foolish move. Should have just made the whole divide 1 RAS.
Then finish the remaining portions of the interlocking.
At worse case, rename to to “new castle” interlocking. R JCC-Divdie desk
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