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Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by mkm4
Head-end View wrote: Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:12 pm I'm wondering how you're supposed to buy a 10trip, weekly or monthly ticket at the new Carle Place Station......... Especially when there is no ticket agent there.
They're trying to encourage you to use the app.
  by photobug56
I've spent most of my career in IT, much as a programmer, and I don't trust e tickets, especially from LIRR.
  by Head-end View
mkm4: Are you suggesting that as a possibility or do you have some knowledge of a new official LIRR policy regarding the rebuilt stations?

Other stations where I've checked have both types of ticket machines.
  by mkm4
Head-end View wrote: Mon Nov 08, 2021 8:07 pm mkm4: Are you suggesting that as a possibility or do you have some knowledge of a new official LIRR policy regarding the rebuilt stations?
Just a guess after they removed the option from Mail & Ride for a paper ticket and them trying to tell us how great that is.
  by Head-end View
I'm having a hard time believing that LIRR would discontinue the selling of 10-trip, weekly, and monthly tickets at their stations. I think somebody made a mistake at Carle Place. And I'm still waiting for a reply from the LIRR to my e-mail inquiry.
  by photobug56
In my experience, emails to customer (dis)service at LIRR take 1 to 6 months for a non-sensical reply. Back some years ago when Helena was in charge, she had a link on the MTA site to email her. Responses - and action if appropriate, were usually within a day or two.

I'm guessing LIRR ran out of working machines other than daily. The antiques are pretty worn out, and someone probably thought they could get away with this. You might want to reach out to your state assemblyman or senator and ask them to reach out to LIRR. OR, reach out to the LIRRCC - Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council / PCAC - email [email protected], and ask them for help - there is a small permanent staff for PCAC and they can reach out more effectively.
  by Head-end View
Well I don't normally use the Carle Place Station or the types of tickets in question. I was only there to have a look-see at the new facility. So I'll leave it to the regular commuters who use Carle Place to kick up a storm with the LIRR. They'll probably get enough complaints to get their attention and fix the problem.

But I will send them a follow-up e-mail this weekend that will include the incident number from my previous e-mail.
  by photobug56
Don't forget to check your inbox (or perhaps your spam folder) in February! :-)
Everyone: (albiet late) Here is the 3TC update for November 2021 -
https://lirrexpansion.com/2021/10/29/up ... mber-2021/
Noted on the Floral Park page is the mention of Hempstead Branch weekend outages November 6-7 and 12-13.

H-E: Carle Place has had two Daily Ticket TVMs since the mid 2000s. Ticket offices and full service TVMs are
available at Westbury one mile east or Mineola two miles west. During the construction of the new station
one machine remained in service placed in the elevator lobby on the westbound side - as noted both of the
TVMs are now placed in their permanent location with the completion of Carle Place Station.

  by Head-end View
I was at Mineola Station yesterday checking out construction progress. I was surprised to see that the new south side platform appears to be kind of narrow. If ridership ever gets back to what it used to be that could be a crowded place when a rush-hour train discharges a few hundred people around 6pm.

Anyone know anything about the platform widths? Are they all going to be narrower than the old ones? Or does it just look that way?
  by UN Block
I believe all the new platforms are at the LIRR's "standard" width of only eight feet. Compare this with Metro-North's "standard" of ten feet wide.

I hear tale told that the LIRR and M-N are BOTH under the MTA!

  by photobug56
LIRR platforms are fairly narrow regardless of how much space there is for them. They do seem to all be identical, cheaply made cement blocks that are narrow, gradually flake off their edges, sag in the middle, and in some cases bounce. Except for those at HPA which appear to be made of cheap lumber and feel like they've long since rotted through.
Everyone - Here is the 3TC update for December 2021:
https://LIRRexpansion.com/2021/12/02/up ... mber-2021/

Note that the introduction photo is of the Denton Avenue/Tanners Pond Road Bridge in Garden City.
This view is northward - and another idea came to mind from viewing this picture: If there can not be
a compromise reached with GC Village close off the through roadway allowing pedestrian or bicycle
access only by the placement of barriers and proper sidewalks underneath instead of a full closure.

With the recent NYS Supreme Court ruling for the LIRR in the dispute with GC the work should move
forward without any further delay to the Third Track Project allowing completion in December 2022...
Everyone - The Denton Avenue/Tanners Pond Road Bridge Project is going "Full Speed Ahead" as of Tuesday 12/7:
https://lirrexpansion.com/2021/12/06/up ... placement/
The LIRR and 3TC is closing the Denton Avenue/Tanners Pond Road Underpass to vehicle traffic for construction
of a new replacement bridge effective Tuesday December 7, 2021 until completion of the structure.
Good news for the entire Third Track Project for it to be completed around this time next year...MACTRAXX
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