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  by nyandw
LIRR Inspection trip - FM-H16-44 #508 with PRR "QUEEN MARY" at JAMAICA c.1958 Photo: Henry Maywald Archive: Mike Boland

Anyone with info on this I just received?
  by RGlueck
Great image! There is a terrific article in the Winter 2021 issue of the PRR T&HS "Keystone" reflect Pennsy heavyweight cars being leased to the LIRR, then sold for parlor service. Very classy looking in PRR paint.
  by Crabman1130
That doesn't look like Jamaica.
  by krispy
Crabman1130 wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:52 am That doesn't look like Jamaica.
Agree with Crabman, look at the telegraph poles, lots of lines and still look maintained. I'd guess something along the South Shore/Montauk branch.
  by nyandw
In checking why Jamaica in the file name: I found out the car "JAMAICA" is the second car in the photo! Interesting lash-up. Further info: Pullman heavyweight QUEEN MARY built in 5/23/1925 for the Lehigh Valley. In 1945 it was sold to the Wabash, which points to an assignment in a Detroit - Chicago train. The PRR ran these with the Wabash 11/12/46. In 1950 ithe Wabash sold it to the PRR. 3/15/1949 It was withdrawn fro Pullman lease in October, 1956.

As the FM-H16-44 no.1504 is pre-Dashing Dan I labeled it c.1958
Yes, it looks to be the stretch between East Patchogue and Yaphank where the Montauk is parallel to the LIRR