Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by nyandw
This list, I have extracted, from the Op Sig Group of Industry, location, and commodity. Here is the first page of the over 400 locations. Image

The entire file is here: http://www.trainsarefun.com/modeling/LI ... 20Sig.xlsx

Additions/modifications/corrections are welcome for LIRR history and modelers. Thanks all.
  by LIRR63
Thanks for gathering and posting this information! Very helpful re modeling LIRR freight.
  by nyandw
LIRR63, et al.: LIRR Car Load Reports 1973-1977 Customer, location, commodity and car quantity.
http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/lirrhi ... Erlitz.pdf

Additional years: 1978-1992. A fabulous source of information under LIRR Car Load Reports:
http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/lirrhi ... aldata.htm

Thanks to Jeff Erlitz for this information