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  by carajul
Does anyone know when the PRR line that ran north from Reading to Pottsville and northward was abandoned and removed? I know there was a roundhouse and yard up on the side of the hill just south of town and that the PRR had a freight station in the middle of town.

When did the PRR tear out this track?
  by JimBoylan
I think that Schuylkill Haven to Pottsvile was about 1973, at least before ConRail. Hamburg to Schuylkill Haven (except for a short piece at Auburn), and some track just North of Reading to South of Temple, was abandoned 3/31/76, as ConRail didn't take it. Downtown Hamburg was abandoned and torn up in 1978-9. The freight customer for whom the line had been preserved wanted the land more than the service.
  by John Johnstone
My 1968 Penn Central Map shows the terminus being at Schuylkill Haven as does my 1978 Conrail map/book (My Father worked in the Planning Dept. of the Reading, then Conrail). After Hurricane Agnes in 1972, nothing traveled west of Norristown, due to tie/track damage at Port Indian. I remember some trackage west of Ivy Ridge being removed 1979/80 and asphalt poured over the tracks for the current bike trail between Shawmont and Oaks 1980/81.