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  by David Benton
Limited opportunity for lower freight emissions from coastal shipping and rail, says New Zealand- MoT.
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I don't agree, there is plenty of longer distance freight that could be won from Road, and I suspect from medium distance with more investment. The problem is much of the rail system is running on 19th century alignments.
I note they don't define "limited", though I agree more could be saved by switching to electric vehicles.
There is an election in 3 weeks where the incumbent govt is proposing more investment in roads, whilst the opposition is proposing more investment in rail. Draw your own conclusions over the timing of this report.
  by george matthews
The increase of hurricanes in several parts of the world ought to make the reduction of CO2 outputs more urgent. Electrified rail should be a small step toward putting a brake on CO2 output.
  by johnthefireman
David Benton wrote:Its starting to look like we will have a change of government , and the new coalition is promising investment in rail over road.
Your new Labour leader looks like an exciting prospect.

Apologies if that is a political statement!
  by David Benton
Not at all John.
She is the most charismatic politician we have had in a long time. It is incredible to think a month ago only 6 % preferred her to be Prime Minister.
If the young turn out to vote, (not compulsory here, and traditionally they don't vote in numbers), it will be a landslide.
Labour, the Green Party, and NZ First are likely coalition partners, and they all have campaigned on increased use of rail and public transport, and addressing climate change.
  by David Benton
Well, we have a new , Labour led coalition government.
All 3 partners are pro rail, it is to early to tell what the direct benefits will be.
However , I think it is safe to say the Mothballing of Electric locos will be halted, they will either be overhauled or replaced with new Electric locos.
Northland railways are likely to be up graded , and a new railway planned to the major port there.
The East coast line is less certain, but its chances of been reinstated are better now than with the last government.
  by george matthews
It does sound optimistic.

Tories don't seem to be very favourable to railways in Britain, having halted some electrifications, requiring dual powered trains (more expensive).
  by David Benton
Thank you , John and George.
To be fair to the last govt, (National , our "tories"), I wouldn't describe them as anti rail , they actually funded railways reasonably well. A lot of new rolling stock was brought under the last government.
But it pales in significance to the Billions they poured into road transport. If anything the real losers were coastal shipping , which got nothing.