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  by moose2438
Anyone familiar with this line? I'm trying to tie a couple loose ends on this sucker, maybe someone can help.

1.) When was the line last used? (By anyone, I know it was abandoned in '51) One website said that Norfolk Southern was using a portion of the line to Latrobe Steel, but that one, I swear, is impossible, because when I walked a portion of that line, it was disgustingly trashed. Nothing could be able to use that thing. If someone gets the money, it could be fixed quite easily and used for storage or something...

2.) Any rails or ROW visible in Ligonier and east of Lig? I was able to follow the ROW (the rails are still in place for most, i think) to 217. After that, they don't exist because 30 runs over them. But, past the Gorge section, any existance at all?

3.) What were all of the stations on the line? I know there was one for Latrobe (now DiSalvo's Restaraunt), Darlington (in Idlewild) and Ligonier (now the Game Commission office). But, were there any more?

4.) PW&S. (Pittsburgh, Westmoreland, and Somerset RR) Did it connect with the Lig at Ligonier station? If not, where?????

Any help is appreciated.

Thanx in advance,


  by Malley
Moose, have you taken a look at any of the PW&S stuff around Somerset?
The local school district has now taken over the old station in Ligonier.
It is my belief that the PW&S went to the station, but I'm a lot less than sure about it. A relly reputedly rode the train to Ligonier back in the day.

  by Noel Weaver
I do not know for sure about this but I think when the Ligonier Valley was
abandoned the Pennsylvania took over a small portion of this line to serve
something near Latrobe. If any portion of the Ligonier Valley is still
around, it would have to be this portion near Latrobe.
Noel Weaver

  by Malley
Noel, one (fairly current) map shows that track (the one that comes off the old Pennsy mainline in Latrobe) as 'PC', and the railroad atlas shows the Ligonier Valley running thru the Loyalhanna canyon and apparently connecting with what is now shown as a stub branch within the town of Latrobe. Of course, the same atlas does not show the other branch running SSW out of Latrobe.
I seem to recall tracks still in just north of Rte.30 along some industrial properties just after exiting the gorge tho' they didn't look much used; this would be the same connection
Anyway, you are likely right.

  by Malley
Moose, did a little digging on Historical Maps;a 1915 map says the PW&S does connect with the LV, and make the connection via the station in Ligonier.
The PW&S left town via the Loyalhanna and Linn Run, SW to Somerset thru Quemahoning Tunnel.
The LV had branches to the NE, following Hannas Run thru Oak Grove, Wilpen, and finally to Ft. Palmer. This is the grade visible along 711, and there is another, shorter one running more like N.

Where is the 'trashed' line you saw in Latobe? Does it point SE toward Rte 30 and the Loyalhanna Gorge, or more SSW toward Pleasant Unity?

  by delvyrails
Because it had a narrow guage origin, George W. Hilton in his book American Narrow Guage Railroads describes its history (page 490). The railroad opened for business on November 10. 1877, was converted to standard guage in December of 1882, and abandoned in September of 1952. He writes that the Railroad Magazine article of May 1952 is "inaccurate".

Other references are of its doodlebugs (roster in The Shortline Doodlebug, page 116), and a nice photo of car 1152 in front of the ivy-covered Ligonier station in Interurbans without Wires, page 109.
  by lvrra2
The line went out of business August 31, 1952.

There were several stations along the line starting with Latrobe, Oakville (in Latrobe), Osburn, Kingston, Long Bridge, Darlington, Idlewild, Millbank, Bells, Ligonier. You can get some history at www.lvrra.org