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  by deandremouse
What do these lights mean? I've seen them on quite a few industrial switchers.
They're green, white, orange and red.
  by CSX Conductor
There are other meanings sometimes. For instance the cab cars for CDot's Shore Line East service have them. Green, white, yellow. White stands for extra, I'd have to find the owners manual to double check what green and amber are for. Of course red is for markers.
  by DutchRailnut
on the Mafersa cars they got class lights, white for extra train, green for second section, and red for markers, but klets get back to idustrial switchers and lights on sides, the mafersa's have them on the ends, not the sides.
  by deandremouse
Remote Control then?
  by GSC
USS Kobe steel in Lorain Ohio's switchers used them on remote control units to signify where the engine was set to move - forward, reverse, stopped. Front and rear of the engines also had indicator lamps, signifying that this was the way the engine was set to move. If the end light was on toward you, it was coming your way. The side lights just told the same thing to anyone near the engine.

A little off topic, but some commuter cars have side lights that signify if the air is charged and if the doors are open or closed.