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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by crueby
We've been doing a lot more research in to the paper trail on the shovels at the LeRoy quarry. At one time, there were two model 91's and one model 60 Marion steam shovels. The 91's were purchased in 1906 and 1911, don't know when the 60 arrived. Despite the company legend about coming from the Panama canal, looks at this point like the shovels were both bought from Marion directly, the canal did not sell off shovels until 1913 and 1914, and almost all went to central and south American buyers. There were 3 that I know of that went to a company in Phio, but they still had them in 1918, so they did not come here to LeRoy. There were also a number of small locomotives used for hauling out the rock, and there were several different rock crushers there over the years (the company owned a number of quarries, and processing equipment moved between them as needs changed).
In 1923, the 91's were converted from rail mount to crawler tracks, using conversions made by Marion - the one remaining 91 still sits on the crawler tracks. It was taken out of service and driven out of the quarry in 1949, parked across the road and painted as BR&P has the slide of. We do not know the fate of the other two shovels - given the repairs visible on the surviving 91, its possible the other was scavanged for parts to keep one going. It was in service for 43 years there, which is quite remarkable.
This summer I am going to be stopping in and seeing the follks at the HCEA to hopefully do some research in the old Marion company records that they have possession of - working out the details on that trip with them now.
Also, sometime this summer new signage should be going up at the shovel on Gulf Road, there is a new parking area and fence that went in last fall. Fundraising has begun for more work...
  by BR&P
Great info, thanks! Can't imagine how neat it would be to see and hear one of those actually working, but I know THAT ain't gonna happen!

I spent some time last night looking through my metal slide boxes, the ones that hold 30 (or even 60) rolls of processed slides. I'm sorry to report the slide is not in those. That's likely because it's a one-off shot, rather than something I have many of which warrant their own group.

So that means it's in one of a gazillion yellow cardboard boxes, probably with a few other pics that don't fit readily into a large category. I'll find it at some point, but it's probably not going o be any time soon. Sorry 'bout that! :(
  by crueby
Thats okay - thanks for looking! If you ever come across it, please let me know. I'll try and keep progress on the real machine and the model posted here occasionally too.