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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by nydepot
Looking for help from the list in putting together a list of LV Buffalo Division Type 3 stations that match the model put out by the ARHS:

http://www.anthraciterailroads.org/sale ... nDepot.php

I'll start by saying the Mendon station looks similar but has different sized windows. This puts trim in different places.

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I work for the Williamsville dpw and our storage yard lies right behind the depot. When the line was up and running there were three spurs off the mainline with capacity for aroound thirty cars. A large lumber yard was once served by rail here off the spurs. The wnyhrs recently brought in a vintage 1937 steel lv caboose for display and restoration at the depot. We have even some of the rail still in place from one of the sidings here too. The caboose sits on original lv track.
  by lvrr325
From what I remember off the top of my head, these are all the same basic plan with minor differences (mostly depending on what side of the track they were on):

Burdett (still standing)
P&L Junction (still standing, moved)

I suspect all on the freight main between Van Etten Jct and Geneva Jct were this type, and it's likely most of the smaller mainline stations from Geneva to Buffalo were also. They omit the side windows in the roof as shown for Mendon. Rochester Jct and Geneva of course were different.

Also, Lima is an oddball I've yet to find an explanation for. Take the same type station and cut it off at the bay, and wall it off there. I don't know if it suffered a fire or other damage at some point and that was the repair, or it was purposely built that way. I'd have to take some time to look for older photos and compare.
  by Kendaia1
Well I'm not sure what differences the type 3 station would have vs a type 1 or 2. but I know there were many of these along the line, probably with only minor differences. Starting at Sayre and working west, in this style were Lockwood; Van Etten; Cayuta; Alpine; Odessa; Burdett; Hector; Caywood; Lodi; Gilbert; Kendaia; Phelps; Clifton Springs; Manchester; I don't know if there was one in Victor. Mendon, Rush (i think was this style) P&L Junction, Batavia, Depew; Williamsville. I have probably missed some on the far west end but east of Mendon I believe thats all of them.
  by lvrr325
All the pictures I've seen of Victor show a fairly unique two story, plain structure; it's not clear if it was always the only station.

By the way, how many are left beyond P&L Jct, Burdett and Williamsville?
  by TB Diamond
The LVRR station that stood in Victor at the time of ConRail was the freight station. There was, in addition, a passenger station but I have never seen photos of it. The freight station was burned to the ground back in the mid-1980s as practice for the Victor Fire Department and to remove it for the ONCT Victor track realignment project.

The Lima station was moved there from another location. It was originally a longer structure.
  by lvrr325
There is/was a library in Victor in a station, but that was the Rochester Syracuse & Eastern interurban station so far as I know. It was brick and about halfway in between the former LV and the former NYC (NYC station also still stands). Charles Woolever (sp?) has an Existing Stations in New York website that will show it and should have a photo.
  by TB Diamond
The small former railway station that served as the Victor Library on Maple Avenue was not the Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Railroad station.

It had been, however, the Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway station until that line was abandoned in 1930.
  by Marty Feldner
FYI, lvrr325- The OP, nydepot, IS Charles Woolever.
  by lvrr325
well, then he doesn't have to plug his own site to answer the question on who that depot belonged to.
  by nydepot
Thanks. Yes, I haven't said a word since the OP. Just gathering LV station types.

joshuahouse wrote:You'll notice, he didn't ask about the old library when it was in the station. I did.