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  by railroadcarmover
I am curious how companies in the locomotive rental business address the issue of who is responsible for, ( when setting up a rental contract ) :

the repair of a damaged crankshaft ( catastrophic failure of ) , providing the fault has NOTHING to do with an improperly installed bearing or power assembly ( which would then fall under the responsibility of the RR ), or the starting of a locomotive that was not properly "blown out".

Assume here, the agreement is that the railroad maintains and is responsible for all repairs and maintenance on the subject locomotive.

Do you find that railroads ( lessee's ) are willing to except ALL responsibility for the crankshaft in the event of a failure that has no link to the railroads negligence?

Any experience with "crankshaft liability insurance" anybody?

I understand it is standard practice on most RR's to inspect the actual bearings and crank journals on their locomotives as well as look at oil samples to identify possible trouble.

any thoughts here? I am setting up a contract and am looking for some insight as to how other rental and lease companies address this issue.
thanks in advance