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  by Aa3rt
Could anyone help me find the date of the last passenger train through Mayville, NY? Mayville, the county seat of Chautauqua County, NY, had a lovely brick depot which still stands and serves as a historical museum. At one time, steamboats plying Chautauqua Lake met the PRR's passenger trains. Mayville would have been on the Oil City-Buffalo line.

PRR trains had trackage rights over the Nickel Plate from Brocton to Buffalo.

Anyhow, I recently came into possession of a photo that is supposedly of the last passenger train through Mayville. I was able to locate a date on June 9, 1953 for the last passenger run from Oil City to Corry, PA in "Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway" by Pietrak, Streamer and Van Brocklin but the Corry-Buffalo portion of the line, which would have included Mayville, is not mentioned.
  by timz
In the 8/46 Guide it's an overnight train with a sleeper; in the 6/48 the sleeper is gone; in the 7/50 Guide the train is gone.

The library probably has a 1949 Guide-- if no one else does better I'll check it eventually.
  by Aa3rt
Gentlemen, Thanks very much for the replies! I appreciate your efforts. This was a rather roundabout route for traveling between Pittsburgh and Buffalo which most likely explains the early termination date of passenger service on the line.